You can win up to $1,400 in The Summer Community Championship on Stadia starting this week. Free registration is open!

Register for free here:

This weekend the “The Summer Community Championship (on Stadia)” kicks off!! This is a 4 week event intended to be a fun and friendly celebration of the rapidly evolving Stadia platform and the amazingly helpful Stadia community. 

The pandemic has been tough for everyone, but gaming with Stadia has been one of the ways many of us have distracted ourselves from the worries of real life, connected with our kids during shelter in place, stayed in touch with friends and family via game nights and made new friends within the community. We wanted to give back a little to the community in the form of this event.

Stadia is an ideal platform to host a tournament: the barrier to entry is nearly non-existent; with direct-to-youtube streaming, anyone can record gameplay; and, participants can be assured everyone is playing an exact copy of a game without cheats.

Here is how it will work

In each of 4 qualifying weeks, participants (who register for free) will compete asynchronously by completing a scorable scenario in a game on Stadia.

  • The four qualifying weeks are: 1. July 11-17, 2. July 18-24, 3. July 24-31, 4. Aug 1-7.
  • The first week’s competition will be based on a custom (initial conditions) Hitman level from the free-to-play version of the game making it as easy as possible to get involved.
  • You will complete your weekly submission by signing up (starting on June 10th for week 1) for one of many approved timeblocks throughout the week (multiple American and European time-zones will be supported) and streaming your attempt direct-to-youtube. 
  • The stream URL itself (w/ verifiable timestamp) is your submission for the week.
  • At the end of the week, submissions will be ranked based on the scoring system devised for each week’s game scenario.
  • The person with the highest score, in each week, will receive a $100 (USD) prize and will automatically be granted a position in the finals. The person coming in second will receive a $50 (USD) prize. There may be additional prizes and any additional prizes will be announced at the beginning of each week.

At the end of the fourth week, the top players will be invited to compete in a live, multiplayer finals event on August 14th at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern, 6pm BST.

  • The first place winner will be awarded a prize of $1,000 (USD), second place will receive $500 (USD) and third place will receive $200 (USD). 

The event is open to anyone over the age of 18 with access to Stadia (terms & conditions apply). You can follow event news on Twitter. And, again, register for free at the following link:


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