Windbound Content Update Incoming

Patch notes for an upcoming Windbound update dropped this morning on the official Windbound blog. This patch was pushed out to PC today, and should be arriving on Stadia in the coming days.

New Game+

One of our biggest asks is now here. After completing the game, players can now start back over at Chapter 1 and retain all Blessings.

Changes to game difficulty text

The introduction text that’s presented when you start a new game and choose your difficulty has been updated to make the differences clearer, and Storyteller mode has been renamed to Adventurer Mode

Adventurer Mode

  • This is now the default mode when you start a new game.. Full inventory is retained upon death.
  • Boat is retained upon death, go through the portal and you’ll be reunited with it.
  • Chapter progress is retained upon death, no more going back to Chapter 1.
  • Combat difficulty is easier than in Survivalist Mode.

Survivalist Mode

  • This is the classic Roguelike mode.
  • Only items in “Held” inventory slots are retained upon death
  • Boat is lost upon death.
  • Return to Chapter 1 upon death.
  • Standard combat difficulty.

Survival changes

Hunger, Stamina, and Storage are all seeing changes with this update to make survival a bit more forgiving.

Food will decay much slower now with Berries moving from 30 minutes to 40, and cooked meat now lasting 50 minutes instead of 30. Stamina will recharge 25% faster, and the dodge recovery time is increased by 50%. Storage has been increased as well, with all basic bags now having more slots.

This should make a lot of people very happy, as most of the survival complaints I’ve seen on reddit and twitter have been around these same issues. Food degrading too quickly has been the most common complaint.

A whole bucket of bug fixes

There are a whole bunch of bug fixes too, which should make those PC players happy. I haven’t seen any crashes in my playtime, but social media has been littered with a small number of loud and angry PC/Console players who have encountered game-breaking bugs. From continuous crashing to saves disappearing. Hopefully this update should fix those problems for our friends on other system.

Check out the full patch notes and bugfix list at the source below.

Source: Windbound Blog


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