What’s The Team Playing? - February Edition

Playing? Is anyone ever actually playing? 🤔 

Well, we try. Here’s what The Stadia Life team has been playing during January! 


Whew, January flew by. 

I haven’t dedicated much time to playing video games this month! I’ve been grinding along in Immortals: Fenyx Rising, it’s starting to become a lot better now that I’ve unlocked more abilities and done more upgrades. Still a solid ⚡⚡⚡⚡ out of 5 in my book, which is pretty decent - considering my book is one page and very rarely updated. 

Pre-TWoS (January 25th): I’m super curious about the Stadia Pro claimable games for February. I’m hoping PHOGS! and Cake Bash are among the included games. Perhaps (🤞) Journey to the Savage Planet.

Post-TWoS (January 27th): Journey to the Savage Planet Employee of the Month Edition! Heck yeah. Also: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, and Enter the Gungeon. 


It feels like yesterday when I wrote December flew by. So here I am, once again, stop going so fast, time!! Anyways, I have not been playing a lot of games throughout January, I started by playing some more Cyberpunk, which I’m kind of done with now. I went back to Valhalla and played some more, but eventually Hitman 3 was released. Since then I have mostly been playing Hitman 3! Which I am enjoying a lot! I love taking on the Silent Assassin/Suit Only/Sniper Assassin challenges, and so far I’ve got them done in 3 levels. Besides Hitman 3 I’ve been playing more on my Switch again, mostly Animal Crossing. Since exams are coming up for me, I was looking for something to empty my mind a bit, and Animal Crossing has been doing this!

I know this all sounds like still a lot of gaming, but compared to other months, I haven’t had more than 10 hours of gaming each week. Probably why this month felt so fast.

Anyways, looking forward to seeing what the pro games will be for next month (hoping for Journey to the Savage Planet). And hopefully I have some more time next month to try them out.


I’ve been sitting here refreshing the Starlink beta signup page since the announcement was made they were allowing some Canadians in without an invite. A friend 12km away in the city with access to 500mbps cable and fibre options has access, but sadly I do not. As little sense as that makes, I knew everyone would love an update on how I *still* cannot play on Stadia. I’ve been turning laps like crazy in iRacing though, and I’m fairly sure everyone on our Discord is sick of me talking about that already. Game on.


Lately I haven't played much, besides a few games between Stadia and PC. Juggling between Hitman 3, Apex Legends, and grinding out FFXIV currently but I am otherwise almost always working so I don’t dedicate as much time to gaming as I’d like :) Really looking forward to the release of Baldurs Gate 3 on Stadia in the near future soon!


Time? Who has time nowadays to play games? No one! That’s who… Wait… I’m sure I’ve written this before. Don’t worry, you’re not suffering from deja vu, I am still playing Baldur’s Gate 3 the best, buggiest game I have ever played. I wrote a full review earlier, so check that out if you want to know what I think (https://thestadia.life/news/baldurs-wait-3-more-months).

Hitman 3 has also been picked up this month which has some great engine updates over Hitman 1 & 2, though I can’t say much about it currently as I haven’t played much… That and I am probably the second worst assassin out there (sorry Kitty, but you take first place 😉). I also realise I should be learning to play Orcs Must Die 3 ahead of Friday so I don’t make a fool of myself at Stadia Bash, but I still haven’t even opened the game up… Yeah… This is gonna end well on Friday!


What games have I been playing? Well that's none of your business.

Fine, if you insist. Lately I've been playing a lot on my Xbox, games like Halo and Assassins Creed Valhalla. Of course, I've also been playing Destiny 2. On the Stadia side, I've been playing Hotline Miami and Hitman 2 to prepare for when I eventually get Hitman 3, but I haven't played much of Stadia recently due to a weird lag that would happen when my laptop was charging. I have since sorted this out so I'm ready to get to playing a lot more Stadia soon!


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