What’s The Team Playing? - August Edition

Here at The Stadia Life, we play a lot of games. You know, that should be obvious, considering we made a whole website about video games. Here’s what some of us have been playing this month!


So.. I’m a dad, hello people with kids! 👋

That’s it, I have no time to play! Kids aside, I’ve very recently completed Just Shapes and Beats in non-sweaty mode (I think it’s called relax mode) - it’s an awesome little game that is surprisingly punishing and intense.

If you’re fond of spaceship/generic geometric object/flying device against the world type of games do pick it up - it’s currently claimable if you’re a Stadia Pro subscriber. It even works well on mobile with touch controls! Slow down on the awesome features there, Stadia. It features a pretty nifty co-op and online multiplayer mode, too. I can be your moral support when (yes, not if) you get beat in it by your better half.


I’m now patiently awaiting the 28th of August for the launch of Windbound! Go Windbound, yay!


I’m in that same boat as a lot of the rest of us, without much time to play. I finished up the campaign in Murder All Orcs recently, and now I’m back into my true love The Crew 2. 3 achievements left to go at the time of writing! I just love how relaxing it is. I love playing it late at night when everyone else is sleeping, and just cruising casually around the world. On a side note, I think I’ve learned more about American monuments from The Crew 2 than ever before in my life.

My other Stadia obsession is Elder Scrolls Online. I dip in and out of that one, but I don’t see myself quitting it any time soon. The world is just so massive and full, I don’t think I’ll ever run out of content to explore.

Da Bald Eagul

I play a lot of The Crew 2 as well. I find it super satisfying to just drive around and crash into stuff. I don’t really focus on the campaign that much, though.

The Turing Test is also very good in my opinion. I love 3D puzzle games, and this one is definitely worth your time. And when my friend has time, we usually play some Orcs Must Die 3 together. It’s super fun to watch all those orcs get slaughtered >:D


I don’t play anything on Stadia anymore due to having the world’s worst ISP, and not being able to get a connection stable enough for it. I do tweet about them, though, and the Stadia twitter even tried helping me out one time. I’m looking forward to the day I can once again pick up “Old Blue” (My Stadia Founder controller) and join in on all this cloud gaming fun everyone is having. Until then, I’ll just hang out around the Discord living vicariously through my fellow Stadiots.



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