What Is The Meaning Of Life?

Is there a meaning of life? Do we have a purpose when we are but small specks compared to the infinite void that lies outside our little chunk of rock?


Ultimately nothing we do will ever matter. For 99% of us, we will be forgotten even simply after a couple of generations, as the remaining family members that know us meet their unfortunate end, and our name becomes nothing more than words on a family tree, doomed to be buried in an attic, collecting dust and cobwebs.

Perhaps you are the lucky 1% who does something impactful with your life! You will be recorded in the history books and monuments, and your impact on the world will be seen for centuries, perhaps even millennia. Even if this describes you, in 5 billion years the sun will expand and absorb the Earth, destroying you and all other traces of the human race.

“But wait, perhaps humans will travel out to distant galaxies and escape this fate!” I see you desperately saying, looking for a scrap of chance to have your life mean something. Even if you are so lucky, the universe itself will meet it’s inevitable heat death, and nothing will remain. Sorry.

However, there remains a glimmer of chance. Stadia.

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TL;DR: No waiting for game downloads or updates. Go die, live or eat pancakes with the time you otherwise used to spend staring into your screen or tapping buttons for said procedures.


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