Watch Dogs: Legion - First Impression

​Today Watch Dogs: Legion, the third installment in this franchise, was released.
I’ve been playing for about 3 hours right now, and so far the game is mostly what I expected.

The first thing I noticed when I started playing, was obviously London, so far I’ve been pretty impressed with how Ubisoft has recreated this iconic city.
Every eye catcher is there, from the Big Ben, to the Tower Bridge and they all look pretty accurate.


So far, the story seems to be exactly how I expected, due to the fact that you can play as every character, I’ve said from the start that I was afraid characters would be a bit.. bland and this seems to be true. There are actually only 2 characters that really have a personality, and spoiler alert, it’s not your own character. Right from the start after picking a character I’ve felt like it really was just me playing as a random NPC. I’m not to the point where I’m recruiting people yet, so I can’t say for sure if this will also be with other characters.


The gameplay is where I think this game will bring its fun, it definitely is much more of a sandbox than the previous 2 installments.
No more batteries for hacking is probably the most noticeable one, you can hack anything without limit it seems.
I’ve done a small part so far, and it looks like the main gameplay loop will be side activities, trying to grow the “resistance”.
The first area had me do some main missions, and eventually I unlocked enough intel to give me locations of side activities.
Other than that, for the story you just receive main missions you need to do, which will feature dialogue and plots of course.

So far I’ve only encountered 1 enemy faction, Albion, they look to be an interesting enemy faction but I do hope I’ll see more factions along the line.
That is actually what I appreciated about the first 2 games, the enemy variety.


The controls are… okay, it is pretty much identical from the second game, except vehicles, vehicles feel more like WD1 which is a downgrade in my opinion.
I’ve never enjoyed the driving in WD1 so I’m not very positive about that in this game.
The character controls seem fine though, like I mentioned, it feels pretty much the same as WD2, which I’ve never had problems with.


Like I mentioned at the start, London looks pretty impressive, Ubisoft have done a great job again in creating an amazing immersive world full of random events.

What I appreciate the most is that you can actually enter some of the eye catchers, you can go for a ride in the London Eye for example.
Be warned though, once you’re in, you need to sit the ride out, which takes about 10-15 minutes…
I also saw that you can enter the Tower Bridge, except you do need some sort of access key for it.
I haven’t had the chance to check out any of the other buildings.

Conclusion (so far)

So far, I’m impressed with the world, I enjoy the gameplay, but I suspect the story and its characters will not be memorable at all.
Of course it might be too early to say for sure, but so far the story doesn’t look like it is going to be great.

I’ll be making a full review once I finish the game and I’ll make sure to bring up stuff that I wasn’t sure about right now.
Make sure to keep an eye out on the website for more guides, reviews and news items!


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