Top 5 Exclusive Stadia Games

Stadia is very different from other gaming platforms in many fundamental ways, but one thing that it does share is the existence of exclusive games. Some of them are timed exclusives, some are full exclusives, and all will be considered in this list. 

This is often where someone would remind you that this list is their personal opinion and to leave your list in the comments, but I won’t do that. Everything I say in this article is a fact.

5. Orcs Must Die 3

Orcs Must Die 3 is a tower-defense game made by Robot Entertainment and published by Stadia Games and Entertainment where the objective, as you may have guessed, is to kill orcs. 

More precisely the goal is to stop Orcs from getting to the rift using a variety of traps and weapons. It’s a fun, colourful adventure that can really get quite challenging in the later stages, as Orcs Must Die 3 uses the power of Stadia to introduce more enemies in a wave than ever before in an Orcs game. If you have a friend or family member who you want to play with, the game features online co-op so you can team up and massacre some poor Orcs. It may be the lowest on my top 5, but that very much doesn’t mean it’s a bad game.

4. Super Bomberman R Online

Super Bomberman R Online is the 64 player battle royale version of Bomberman developed and published by Konami, where you fight against 63 players with your bombs in order to become the number one Bomberman. In the meantime, the playable area becomes smaller, forcing you into more encounters. Be warned if you try this game though, it’s hard to put down once you’ve picked it up. This game also makes use of Stadia’s crowd play to allow you to join your favourite streamers in their game.

There’s a good amount of customization too, some of which you can get from the battle pass. Though I feel the progression is the weaker part of the game, as the battle pass never seemed particularly rewarding to me and there’s not much else to level up for. Still though, there is a lot of fun to be had here which makes it a very worthy fourth. It’s completely free for everyone with a Stadia account too!

3. Gylt

Gylt is a game developed and published by Tequila Works, which I think is described best as a horror-lite game, where you play as a girl called Sally trying to find her cousin, Emily. I say horror-lite because it’s not quite as extreme as most horror games that you see with its jumpscares and monster design, the monsters certainly being creepy but also cartoony. The gameplay involves stealthing around, using your torch and other gear you find to fight the monsters in the town.

One of the major themes of this game is bullying, which is a theme I think is explored well and tastefully. It’s not the most complex plot in the world, but it’s truly a pleasure to play through. There is a good amount of replayability with multiple endings and collectibles to find, and it is altogether just a very complete experience. I thoroughly recommend this game to anyone who wants a fun single-player experience with a bit of creepiness and mystery on the way.

2. Crayta

Crayta is a game creation game developed and published by Unit 2 Games, that allows you to make games and play others games. If you’re an inexperienced programmer you can use basic mode when making games, using previously developed objects and packages to create your game without even looking at code. If you do have a bit of experience you can customise your game even further using Lua.

Crayta is collaborative, meaning you can make games or play them with your friends. Crayta uses state share to allow you to share a link to your game, the first game to use this feature on the platform. Whether you play or make, you will be gaining experience which allows you to unlock cosmetics for your character to personalise them, and you can also buy cosmetics from the shop using microtransactions. Crayta is constantly updated with new objects and in-game events, and is in general just really fun to play. This is one I’d recommend to anyone who plays Stadia.

Honourable Mention: Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is an Action RPG developed and published by CD Project Red, and was a very bold game for Stadia to bring exclusively to their platform given the hype around it. The story and gameplay of this game is exceptionally good, although some of the promises they made about the game haven’t yet been fulfilled so it can’t score too highly because of that. Also, Cyberpunk is an extremely buggy game, much buggier than any other game on this list. Still though, as far as Stadia exclusives go this is very promising of things to come…

Wait, I’m getting something over my earpiece. Cyberpunk isn’t Stadia exclusive? It’s on Xbox and Playstation too? Well that’s awesome, can’t wait to boot up my base Xbox One and see how well it performs! Seems like I just wasted your time for this entry then.

1. Outcasters

Outcasters is a multiplayer combat game developed by Splash Damage and published by Stadia Games and Entertainment, where you use curve shots to damage the other players. It’s colourful and cartoony artstyle is very visually pleasing, and the gameplay has that wonderful “one more game” quality.

The customisation in the game is huge, and the vast majority of the customisation options can be earned in game, with only a few DLC packs for some pieces. There’s also abilities you can get by leveling up to help you in your fight. It’s a very complete package, with a ton of replayability, as well as the Stadia exclusive Crowd Choice which allows viewers of a stream where the streamer is playing Outcasters to decide the abilities and power-ups they’ll get during the game. This is by far one of my favourite games to arrive on the platform.


Well, isn’t that a good list of games? If your favourite didn’t make the list I probably still enjoyed it, just not as much as the other titles. Really I’d say there’s not been a bad title that’s exclusive to Stadia yet. Make sure to check these games out, some of them will be free with Pro or just outright free!


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