Today on Stadia - YouTube Streaming

Finally, a promised feature that has been “coming soon” is slowly rolling out to users, starting today.

YouTube Streaming when enabled for your account allows instant streaming to YouTube from the webapp (currently it doesn’t support streaming from Android).

To activate this, you need to link your YouTube account in Stadia’s settings, and then it’s as easy as clicking live stream.

Apparently, when streaming to YouTube, there will be a link added automatically, to direct people to the game you are playing on the Stadia Store.

In the options for the YouTube stream you can define the title of your stream, privacy, voice and video and audience. There’s even a small overlay that will show you how many viewers your stream has at any point during the broadcast. YouTube Streaming is also set to release Crowd Choice for the average Joe, meaning you and I can get our viewers to decide what we’ll do in our game while we stream!

This is going to be a massive selling point for Stadia as a whole, especially with Cyberpunk 2077 launch around the corner, were people will see what Stadia can do.

Bring on a new influx of players to the platform as they realise that cloud gaming is the future!


By: RudyBurns#1512

Image source: Stadia YouTube direct streaming is rolling out - 9to5Google 


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