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I had a chat with the creator of to ask them about a new and fun addition to the Stadia community. What's their biggest surprise from gathering a bunch of user data, and what does the future look like? 

Questions and Answers

What's your favorite Stadia controller color?

That’s actually a really good question! My favorite one is the Founder's controller, but I wasn’t aware of Stadia when the platform launched, and so I couldn’t get one of those.


First off, I’m really impressed with your site. It looks and functions really well! Can you tell me about the passion behind making 

The idea came in December 2020, after I received the Cyberpunk Stadia promo, right when I started my holidays. I started playing and I found it amazing. I couldn’t believe that I could be playing those games in that quality on a cheap laptop or even on a phone without almost any load times, removing the need of downloading games and so on. I was so amazed that I’ve started sharing it with my friends, but no one really got attracted by the platform as I did. I felt like Stadia was a revolution in the gaming industry, but people were kind of reluctant to accept the change or to even try it. It seemed to me like it was a bit undervalued.

I didn’t find a place to see all the games, the top played games, or if the platform was active (Many people think that no one uses Stadia, or that Stadia doesn’t have games! But there are thousands and thousands of players every day!). After finding the Reddit community, I was even more amazed, there were +100k users, sharing useful info, news, projects, etc…

I felt like I had to build something that I could show to my friends when they ask me What is Stadia? or How many games are there?


For people who don't know this site, in your own words - what is 

As the name says, is a place to see Stadia statistics. Players can search for the most popular games, look at the overall leaderboards as well as the top players for each game, view their achievements in a simple way with no overwhelming display, and much more.


In the player profile view, I've noticed that it promotes a game at the top. What statistic is driving the game that is shown here?

The banner is based on the most played game. It’s a way to personalize the page according to players’ favorite titles.

Also, the games shown in the profile are sorted by playtime.


The leaderboard uses points to range player profiles into spots. Could you tell me how the point system works? 

For each achievement you unlock, you get 2812 points (that’s the date was born, 28 Dec of 2020). On top of that, players get some extra points for their playtime. It’s a way to differentiate players that have the same amount of achievements and reward the ones who spend more time playing. This way, there’s more variety on the leaderboards, and everyone can have their spot.


Are you surprised to see the total amount of statistics generated by users so far? 

I couldn’t believe the amount of traffic and engagement that people had at first.

Around 4k unique users visited the site in the first 24h, and around 40% of them added their profile! With a total of 27k pageviews in just a day. Before launching, I expected to have a 100 visits max.

It was really rewarding to see all those comments and positive feedback on the Reddit post. That’s another reason why I’m building this site: to contribute to this amazing community.


Any particular statistic that really stands out to you so far, from everything that's tracked?

Playtime. You can tell that some players love Stadia just by the amount of time they spend playing. In order to understand the playtime stat, I have to transform those hours into years. Right now the total playtime (of players tracked) is 228 years!


Do you have a fun feature you're currently working on? Feel free to be as transparent or mysterious that you want when answering!

Right now I’m working on a feature that people will love. It’s never been seen for Stadia before, and it will be a true game-changer.

 As a sneak peek I can say that it will help connect the community through play.


What's the dream future looking like for the site?

I built this platform by passion. I want it to be completely free forever. For me, it would be already a dream to run a site that people use regularly and most importantly, that they find useful.


How are you feeling about Stadia and where it's standing, both as a newcomer, and as a platform in the games industry?

I think Stadia has the potential of being the go-to platform for cloud gaming. It has everything (or most of the things) any player needs.  The biggest and best community, family share, good promos, really good gaming experience (I prefer playing on the Chromecast), and the security of Google.

I’ve never bought as many games as I did on Stadia. The reason why, is because I know that the games will run perfectly and that I won’t have any issue with my drivers, or with any components in the long term.

It has already happened to me in the past that I bought some game in a different library, and then it wasn’t running as I expected. It feels great to buy a game and already be playing it a couple of minutes after. And I can also literally bring my “console” in my pocket (Chromecast)


Where do people go to keep up with everything 

You can follow on social media. All the links are present in the site’s footer. Updates, info, and much more will be posted regularly.


Where and how can people provide feedback to

This can be done either on social media or via email by clicking on “Feedback” in the footer. I’m happy to get any feedback, I would love to be a community-driven platform.


I've saved the most important question for last. Where can people support you and this great site? 

As I’ve said before, I want this site to be completely free. But if you really want to help with the costs of the infrastructure, or give me positive vibes, you can buy me a coffee here


Thanks for the interview!  I’m going to check out the site now and create a profile.  Their passion story sounds very similar to mine.  How I was the only one of my friends who seemed excited about Stadia and willing to go all in on the platform.

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