Stadia Streaming Integration Appears For Some Users

Discovered just minutes ago by our resident Stadia guru Nathan, a “live stream” button has started appearing on select Stadia user’s profiles. This seems to hint that the long-awaited built-in Youtube streaming functionality may finally be imminent.

The buttons are not currently showing up for all users, so this early appearance may just be a mistake on Google’s part, but either way we’ve managed to capture a few screenshots (thanks Nathan). 

After setting up the youtube integration and a bit of mucking about, this looks the same as what we’ve seen on various livestreams from the few Youtube streamers who were granted early beta access to CrowdPlay features. As you can see, the “youtube” streaming button is not enabled just yet but we are still able to link to Youtube from Stadia, presumably for crowdplay purposes.

This could also be the early roll-out of Stadia’s crowdplay/crowdchoice integrations which we expect to see rolling out to all users tomorrow to coincide with the release of Dead By Daylight.

We’ll update you when we have more information.


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