Stadia Live Hangout Roundup

Stadia had a live hangout today on their Youtube channel, 
Austin Creed & Katie Wilson were the hosts and the played some games using Crowd Play and Crowd Choice 
and also showed some new games coming to the platform!

In this post I'll be going through the event and tell you what we've seen and got today.

New games

Stadia showed us some information about some of their first First Party titles and actually released 2 of them!
Right from the start of the stream, it was announced that Outcasters was released and used Crowd Play to play together with viewers.

We'll be going deeper into what Outcasters is and what we think in our review about the game.
In short, Outcasters is the long awaited shooter from Splash Damage, I've played for a while earlier today and it definitely lived up to the hype.
The gameplay is super fun and addictive and I'm really looking forward to playing it more!

It is free with pro and costs €19,99/$19,99/£19,99 without pro.


Also released during the stream, Submerged: Hidden Depth which is a action/adventure puzzle game from Uppercut Games.
This is also a Stadia First Party title, I've played a little bit during the announcement and so far I'm looking forward to playing more.
The game was super relaxing to play and really gave me a chill feeling, very nice if you want some time away from combat games.

It is free with pro and costs €19,99/$19,99/£19,99 without pro.


Journey to the Savage Planet was also announced for Stadia, and with the acquisition of Typhoon, it seems it will be getting a Stadia exclusive version.
The version is called "Employee of the month edition" and will feature all the bells and whistles the game has.
The DLC will be included, the "old game minus" mode, a photo mode and more.

When this game will launch has not been announced exactly, but it will be next year.


Last but certainly not least, we're finally getting our first Sega game on Stadia, Valkyria 4: Chronicles will launch on December 8.
I'm personally not a fan of these type of games, but I know a lot of people are so it will be interesting to see this title coming to Stadia!


Immortals: Fenyx Rising has also been released today!
If you've played the demo, make sure to claim the exclusive armor through Ubisoft Connect.


Crowd Choice & Crowd Play

Outcasters released with both Crowd Choice and Crowd Play, 
Crowd Play is still only available for selected streamers, but Crowd Choice is usable for everyone.

However, during the stream, the hosts used both of the features in multiple games, 
and I thought this showed nicely how this will work with big streamers.

Hundreds of people waiting in line to join a match, Outcasters showed perfectly how this can be a really nice feature.
Crowd Choice was also nice to see with this many viewers, as it showed that with this many you'll never know the outcome of the polls.


Promotional collaborations

At the end of the stream, the hosts showed us a list of streamers that will be playing on Stadia on their own channels.
According to the stream, they will be using Crowd Play and Crowd Choice and I think this is a nice way of showing them off.
There are some pretty great content creators in the list, so I'll leave the list under here so you can check them out.

That was all for this roundup!
Be sure to keep an eye out on our socials for more news, rumours and reviews.


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