Stadia in 2021 - Features we would like to see

Stadia has been out and about in the public for one year and a few weeks. During this one year a slew of games, updates, promised features, unpromised features and marketing improvement has happened. Like most modern products. We're enjoying it! But what would The Stadia Life like to see implemented next? Here's an unfiltered list of features we would love to see. Sooner rather than later.

Stadia: No required payment info on sign-up

Self explanatory. We think this would hook in more users, if nothing else it would show potential customers the Stadia potential through: free games, demos and trials.

Stadia: Instant resume, whenever, wherever

We currently have a resume feature, but it's currently only on the last game we played and only for 15 minutes idle. 


cim: Would be completely amazing to see this feature improved upon so that any game I've launched ever instantly resumes to exactly where I left it. Perhaps State Share and Google magic can make this dream come true?

Stadia: “Generation 2”

Rumored as gen 2 by people, and some game developers, in the community. Hype and the nature of moving forward is the driving force behind this rumour. 

cim: I think this will most likely happen silently. Vulkan, the programming language that pushes graphics on Stadia and a ton of other platforms and software, recently went public with ray tracing support as well.

Stadia controller: Automatic pairing to device that launches a game on Stadia

Be it launching a game through browser, phone, smart fridge or Chromecast. 

cim: When I turn on a Stadia controller on the same network as the device I'm playing Stadia on, I'd like the option to automatically pair it. Amazon Luna has it, and it makes life just that tiny bit easier.

Stadia controller: Bluetooth connected audio input and output

Nothing much to elaborate here. Would be great to pair Bluetooth headphones directly to the Stadia controller.

Stadia controller: HID Bluetooth

We might want to use the controller wirelessly with other things than Stadia. We understand this probably is at the bottom of priority, or maybe not possible at all, but it would be great. 

cim: The Stadia controller is so good I want to use it for everything. Everything!

Chromecast: Wi-Fi connected keyboard and mouse

For that sweet sweet latency. Nice if the keyboard and mouse are also compatible with regular laptops, desktops, phones and tablets via Bluetooth and radio signals (2.4Ghz).

Chromecast: Don't show the profile screen with only one configured profile

If several profiles are set up, let us toggle between which profile to automatically launch or choose each time.

Streaming: Direct streaming to YouTube

It exists on the web app already. Chuck it into the Android app, iOS app and Chromecast.

Captures: Better management

Reddit user u/doublemp chimes in that they'd like to see better management of captured images and videos. Currently you can only delete one and one piece, this is especially annoying with video captures, that has a limit for how many you can store.

cim: I'd like to see a Pro perk in here for video captures too. Unsure of what, perhaps upload priority or space.

Messaging: Soft keyboard when using Chromecast and a controller

Pretty self explanatory. Steam did this in a really good way with Big Picture and the Steam controller. Steal it!

Store and main screen: Better game management and overview

cim: I don't want to see certain games. Let me hide them (filter). I might want to see two games on my main screen, or 50 at the same time, let me arrange the grid myself. I don't need to know the tons of additional content and more expensive versions of the game until I go into said game. I'd like to see social content from the game page: YouTube videos from friends and popular content creators, trailers, gameplay videos, guides, images. I want to know what everyone else thinks of a game I'm considering to buy, show ratings, both review ratings and age ratings. I want to see what resolution and framerate the game runs, on my Stadia account and device (automatically detect Stadia or Stadia Pro and device (and screen resolution) used).

Store: Filters, sorting and searching

Make it happen! Third party extensions are doing a good-ish job, but those are browser only. We want this functionality throughout the whole ecosystem of Stadia.

Store: Wishlist with notifications

Just copy Steam. Notifications on games launching, notifications on games going on sale, and more. Let us choose the various notifications and tailor them to our needs. Notify by e-mail, app push notification, or both.

Store: Give us the gift of gifting games

We're a kind community. We really, really want to be able to gift games to other Stadia users. Maybe even random Google accounts for a great surprise (needs a way to check if the Google account is in a Stadia eligible country, probably).

Store: Make it possible to buy a game that's claimed with Pro

Just an annoyance. Right now we have to unsubscribe from Pro, let Pro lapse, then buy. Free money possibly being missed here, Google. Think about all those sales with games also claimed by Pro subscribers who'd like to own the game.

Store: Upgrade your game to a bigger edition for a smaller price

If we own Immortals: Fenyx Rising, and want the Ultimate Edition. The only option right now is to know it before the refund window closes, or buy it twice, for the full asking price. 

cim: This is extremely silly from a consumer standpoint. Say the base version costs 60$ and the best edition costs 90$. Let me pay the price difference, call it an upgrade. We all know these tiered games aren't going away, so make it a better experience to change editions.

Discovery: Make content for it, and promote it as the way to be in the know of everything Stadia

Show it through the whole ecosystem of Stadia. Make it the place anyone who's curious about Stadia, anyone who knows Stadia, and anyone who doesn't know Stadia goes first. This should be the place to go to get the latest news on anything Stadia: features, announcements, guides, community highlights. Tie it into Game discovery, show game cards with quick insights into the most played and purchased games on Stadia.

Third party: Discord rich presence integration

Tie Stadia into Discord. Let us connect our Stadia account into Discord so it displays to everyone what we're currently playing. Discord is huge in the gaming community and elsewhere, Stadia should be similarly huge. Right?


Here's to another great year on Stadia. Thanks for what you've done with this platform so far, Google!

Any features you'd like to see implemented on Stadia in the coming year/s? Drop a comment below.


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