Stadia DOA? No Games or Updates Since 2020

Remember the time Google tried to get everyone on board with their video game console The Stadia? Today it seems like a foregone conclusion that The Stadia has been relegated to a footnote in video game history. Originally released way back in November of 2019, and marketed by Google as the Next Big Thing in gaming, we've recently noticed that as of today The Stadia hasn’t seen a single game, new feature, or even a news update from the community team since the year 2020. That’s right. Complete and utter radio silence.

With this abject disregard for the few remaining loyal users, is it finally time to hit the power button on The Stadia once and for all? This journalist thinks it might be time.

Well, The Stadia, you had a nice run. We'll be pouring one out for you.


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