Six Months of Windbound Updates Incoming

Windbound has just posted a full six months of updates that they have planned, with the first one dropped today and full of halloween goodness.

Aside from some halloween-themed costumes, the major talking point in this first update is The Eternal Voyage, which allows you to keep playing the game after Chapter 5 -- the original End Game. It also mentions a leaderboard where I presume you can compare progress with friends.

The other big addition in today's update is Photo Mode! We can finally stage the perfect shot of our monstrosity of a boat crashing over magnificent waves by moonlight. Sigh! It will be glorious.

Later updates will be arriving in Q4 of 2020, and Q1 of 2021 and will add new types of towers, and what looks like a new biome called Corruption. We'll have to wait and find out more as updates are released!

Check out the announcement below.

Source: Twitter


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