“Sabrina” Android TV dongle passes through FCC certification

A pair of devices have just come through the FCC certification process from Google. As reported by Android Police, the first device with the identifier GZRNL is sporting bluetooth and dual-band wifi antennas, while the second device, going by G9N9N, only has bluetooth. This seems to indicate the upcoming Android TV dongle, and its supporting bluetooth remote control, which has been teased several times over the last few months.

Sabrina is a hotly anticipated device, as currently the only real option for a plug-and-play Android TV solution is the Shield TV.

On a more gaming related focus, we’re hoping to see Sabrina support the the same high-end Stadia experience currently found on the Chromecast Ultra. Considering that Stadia is not currently supported on Android TV, we’re expecting news on that front in the near future when the next version of Android TV drops next month.

We’re hoping to hear more or perhaps see Sabrina itself drop sometime next month or in October, when Google hosts its Made By Google hardware event.


Source: Android Police


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