Risk of Rain 2 Release Date Announced, Will Not Have Cross-Play

Today’s Stadia Community update features an interview with Hopoo Games, the creators of Risk of Rain 2. On the happy side of the news, they’ve announced a September 29th release date. On the other hand, it’s a sad day for Stadians, as shortly after the interview went live, the official Risk of Rain 2 Twitter account posted that the upcoming rogue-like action game will not feature cross-play with other platforms.

Even though Risk of Rain 2 will be launching on Stadia with an exclusive level not found on other systems, this is still a major bummer for all Stadia fans. Cross-play is vital to Stadia's success. As much as we love Stadia, we know that without cross-play in these early days, multiplayer lobbies will be a barren wasteland.

Welp. Sorry for ending this article on such a sad note. 

Source: Stadia Update, Twitter


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