Risk of Rain 2 Confirmed Coming To Stadia

After some speculation based on PEGI ratings, Risk of Rain 2 has finally been officially announced as coming to Stadia during the Gearbox segment of today's PAX show. Risk of Rain 2 launched out of Early Access on Steam back on August 11, 2020 and has seen incredibly positive reviews on that platform.

While there’s no official release date yet, we do know there will be a brand new map "Sundered Grove" which will be released exclusively on Stadia. This map was built by an outside studio and completely funded by Google, for Stadia. 

It's all speculation at this point, but considering how much influence Google had in getting this new level created, could this show up as a Pro title at some point? Time will only tell, but we’re definitely looking forward to playing it when it arrives!

From the Dev Blog:

Stadia & Sundered Grove

Today, we’re happy to announce that Risk of Rain 2 will soon be available on Stadia! Thanks to support from Google, you will be able to play Risk of Rain 2 anywhere through Stadia. The Stadia version of RoR2 will also contain a new bonus map, ‘Sundered Grove.’

‘Sundered Grove’ is a new alternate fourth-stage map created by our partners, Ghostpunch. They have been instrumental to our success during Early Access, and we’re glad to have formed our partnership with them! We hope that Stadia players enjoy the game, and can’t wait to get this map to more fans as soon as we can.

Check out the brand new Stadia trailer below. Are you planning to pick up Risk of Rain 2?

Source - Steam Dev Blog


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