Outcasters patch notes, December 10th

​Splash Damage silently pushed out an update for their frantic arena shooter Outcasters on Stadia, December 10th.

Here’s what the patch fixed:

  • Fixed an issue that may cause the game to crash when queuing for a new match after one has just ended
  • Fixed an issue that may cause the game to crash during some UI animations
  • Fixed an issue where Challenges that involve hitting an opponent may cause the game to crash
  • Fixed an issue where changing the colours of Parts on the Customization screen might not save correctly

I’ve been playing a few rounds, and it does run better, there’s still some issues with net code (players “warping” around, shots not registering).

They also kindly ask players to join their Discord to give feedback and talk anything Outcasters. Outcasters Discord.

Happy casting!


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