NBA 2K21 is a scam on Stadia and something needs to happen

Stadians, assemble!
For real though, there have been a lot of complaints about NBA 2K21 on Stadia and it is time we talk about this. Every day when I go to the subreddit, I see at least 1 angry post about the game, every time I saw them I thought to myself: “not this again right?!”. Until I decided to read some of those reddit posts. It turns out NBA is in a bad shape on Stadia, super bad shape. Rosters aren't updated (even though the game promises this) the game is riddled with bugs and 2K doesn't seem to give two shits. We're not the first news site to post about this, as I've found another article that explains really well what the current state of the game is (NBA 2K21 players on Stadia are essentially being scammed by 2K, Carson Saldanha,

As can be read in the article Pixelspot wrote, the game is not in a good shape on the platform, while 2K is still charging a Triple A price for the game… The reason I have decided to write about this is because I think this is simply unacceptable. A developer that doesn't give a shit about a platform, I don't know why they wouldn't and I'm not going to assume but it's clear they don't care. If one of your support people asks a STADIA user to REINSTALL their game something is simply wrong.

So, 2K, if anyone at your company is reading this, fix this mess. Stadia users are consumers too and deserve a working game just as much as the rest. And if anyone from Stadia is reading this, kick 2K's ass. This is YOUR platform and stuff like this shouldn't be allowed, period. I personally don't play NBA, but I truly hope that this article helps getting this to the general public's attention and that 2K fixes their mess.

See this as a small review of the game as well, until the game is playable and delivering what it promises, I'm giving it a zero. No, not even a one, because if 2K is too lazy to care, then I'm too lazy to click on the 1 plus.


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