My first Luna-tic experience

As part of the rebrand from The Stadia Life to The Sane Luna-tics, we were all encouraged to sign up for Luna and give our honest opinions on our experience and I am excited to say that I was lucky enough to win the internal competition we had for who gets to write our first official coverage on Luna!

This is my first account and I am extremely excited to report that the experience was outstanding from start to finish. Amazon have done everything they can to make things as clear and easy as possible whilst delivering the same customer focused and forward thinking approach they have taken with all of their other products. So, without further ado, onto the review!

Getting started

Like with any service your first step is to sign up. This seems like a small step and not something worth writing up on, but I want to show just how well Amazon have made the experience from start to finish, so missing out this step would be negligent of me. It is also such a big part of my Luna experience that were I not to write about it, I would be doing you all a disservice and I don't want to be accused of false reporting or not being thorough in my approach.

To sign up to Luna, you will need to visit Amazon's website, which can be found as expected at You might be thinking why not which is great question which I will cover later in this article, but for now trust me, you will want to go to the first URL I linked.

From there you will need to navigate the site to get to the Luna landing page. This can be done in 3 ways:

Option 2: Search for Luna on


1. The scenic route would be to use the on-site navigation and UI to select Luna from either the top bar or use the side bar to access the Luna page Edit: Sorry, upon closer inspection this is not available as an option.

2. Simply Search for Luna in the search bar at the top of the Amazon site and select Luna from your search results. Edit: Oh gods! Don't do this!

3. Navigate directly to or search for Amazon Luna on Google


Next steps

I was pleasantly surprised by the aesthetic once I got in. All the games are all neatly laid out in tiles showing the artwork or “boxart” as we'd have called it back in the physical era. It's clean using mostly whites and their brand colour purple. Now, a little off-topic, but Purple is one of my favourite colours of all time and the shade they use here is very appealing. The hex code is #9146FF which makes it a predominantly blue purple, actually maxing out at 255 on RGB with red coming in second and tailing behind is the green… And it really shows in the shade. They often fade it out to white to blend it interestingly with the background as well as having the odd sharp transition of colour. You can see this for yourself in the banner for this very article!

Slogan: Something for everyone

Next, the sign-up button is a familiar shade of grey, which is an excellent UX choice as without even reading it, they convey the message they want to share with the potential customer. This is the genius of Luna that is so underrated, they can convey their message even before you've even read the wording the classic #E3E3E3 tells you that this button is not the button you're looking for.

Sign-up button

Luna content

What kind of first look would this be if I didn't check out the content available and I'll be honest, I played this more times than I like to admit for this article. The picture quality was great at a pleasant 1920x1080. It's not quite the 4K I am used to, but the video was still high definition and there was little compression.

The framerate was only 23.98fps, which is disappointing and the audio was stereo 48kHz with a bit rate of 165kbps. The overall bitrate was 3852kbps and unfortunately it wasn't the most recent of content having been created on 22/09/2020 at 01:57, but it also wasn't the oldest either.


There was plenty of replayability with a nice soundtrack, though it's a bit short at only 1:36 and after your first 17 playthroughs, you do start to wish there was more content available and that there was more interaction, but it's probably for the best that non-US people aren't able to get anything else.

Additional features

As you go further down the page, Amazon have included a carousel of images depicting their Luna controller so that I could experience what it might be like to be able to actually have one of these controllers. I have to say, the multiple angles made it easy to imagine having a physical controller as I could picture how it would fit into my hands. The aesthetic is finely tunes as well, reminiscent of the stylings of Mad Catz, it looks to deliver on that child-like joy of playing with your favourite VTech toy.

Luna controller with lovely contrasting colours


As a cloud gamer from the UK, I have to say, the Luna experience is the best I have had so far and I am 100% certain I will be coming back to this landing page again and again. Amazon have done us such a huge favour in allowing us to access the US site and experience the future of gaming. I am a convert to Luna and for all you other non-US citizens, you should be too! 

- Vivi

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