Microsoft finally realise Stadia is better and add it to their latest consoles

Disclaimer: Please note that most of the below is satire consisting of real news mixed in with humours speculation and mockery of video games journalism. Please do not quote anything written here as fact or there's a strong chance a rabid koala will be trained to detect your scent and released into the wild in your neighbourhood. You have been warned!

The new version of Edge looks great, but it's launching as an Xbox Exclusive.

In an unexpected twist, Microsoft is updating its Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One browser to a new Chromium based version of Microsoft Edge as it has done with the PC version of Edge, making it far better supported by many websites.

Our source, John Stadia, a long standing and reputable media news source has informed us that this is in response to Xbox's inability to store more than just Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War on its hard drive. In an anonymous interview with The Stadia Life, John said:
“Now that Balmer has managed to sneak back into the office and hide under the Microsoft Developers desks, he has managed to finally come up with a solution to the problem of the ever expanding size of Call of Duty updates […]”

“[…] Balmer is a huge fan of Stadia and recognises that xCloud was a mistake and has recently taken it upon himself to help developers eventually turn the Xbox into a Stadia box before its competition, Sony, has the opportunity.”

It has also been reported that in Microsoft HQ, the mysterious Yoghurt thief has begun stealing from the fridge again and Blamer has vowed to this time, find the culprit!

Why use Stadia if you have an Xbox?

Great question!

Will Stadia be useful if you already have games playable on a console?

Short answer, yes!

Whilst you may have your games downloaded and they will update in the background, there are many benefits to having some of your games in the cloud too. One of which being that you can access your games through any browser and not just the one in your Xbox. You also don't have to worry about the latest patch or game making you choose whether to keep Secret of the Magic Crystals or delete it to make way for Pony World 3, the new hot Pony game in town!

Playing Stadia on your Xbox might seem like a meme at first, but soon it will be the primary way you Xboxers play games and trust us when we say with our unbiased reporting that you'll never look back!

- Vivi



The console wars may be over, but now ushers in a new war. The cloud wars! Many will be lost, one is on deaths door struggling to find a way back in and another is widely reported as dead! Though I heard reports of its death are greatly exaggerated.

This is disgraceful. You must know that the console wars ended years ago Darth Vader is in power now you’re rebel band shall be defeated 🤫👍✅

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