Journey To The Savage Planet - First Impressions


Journey To The Savage planet is a game that was originally released in January 2020, an adventure game about exploring a dangerous and mysterious planet. Stadia gets the exclusive Employee Of The Month edition though, which includes the Hot Garbage DLC (which I’m disappointed hasn’t been made into a joke by a hate video) and a shiny 60fps compared to it’s console counterparts. So, is it worth playing? Is the planet truly savage? Do I like kicking birds? Read on to find the answers to these and more.


To start with, the performance of Journey To The Savage planet on Stadia is a beautiful 4k 60fps, and the graphics are very appealing to me. Even someone like me who isn’t good at photo modes and screenshots in games was able to take a beautiful photo like this because of the art style and scale of the world.

What Journey To The Savage Planet doesn’t have is HDR if that’s something you’re interested in. None of my screens have HDR so I wouldn’t have really noticed the difference anyway, but just be warned if that’s what you’re looking for.


The gameplay of Journey To The Savage planet is about exploring. Sure, if you like you can go straight to the objectives, get the required upgrades and get the job done quickly, but to make your journey a bit easier you’ll want to have a bit of a look around. You can get resources like carbon from destroying rocks, you can shoot wildlife or if you feel like taking out some aggression, you can boot enemies far into the air and watch them drop down. This was one of the first things I did as I entered the game, and it never stopped being fun to do.

There are also eggs to find which you can eat to upgrade your health and stamina, which did become increasingly important as I journeyed through the world and the creatures became less passive. Where this became especially important was my first boss fight, where I nearly came to die several times in the fight despite my greatly upgraded health.

But wait, there’s more! The company you’re working for will also send you experiments to complete which involves slightly more out of the way tasks like killing ground enemies while they’re in mid-air (which can be accomplished with the kicking I love so much). Completing these will get you promoted and unlock new upgrades to make your life a bit easier. During this you’ll also have to scan parts of the planet, so you’ll regularly need to take out your scanner and scan anything you’ve not seen before.

This was at the end of my first impression time, but there was also the start of a new collectible mission to find alien tablets that would give you videos from the ancient alien civilisation that lived on the planet. I didn’t get much time with this, but I’m looking forward to seeing what these videos involve.

Altogether, these parts combined into a product that I love playing. For people who don’t enjoy exploring in games and just like going from A to B, I don’t know if I can recommend this game, but for those that do you’ll be in for a treat.


Due to the exploration aspect of the game, the story wasn’t too prevalent in the time I played. The basic gist is that you’ve been hired by a company called Kindred Aerospace to investigate a planet for possible colonisation. You’ll regularly receive videos from this company, and you’ll want to watch these because they’re hilarious.

And that’s one of the major parts of why I love Journey To The Savage Planet: I love the humour. From the AI Eko who talks to you as you explore, to the videos from Kindred and ads that play in your ship, the messages you get on your computer, and even the animations from your character, everything is just a joy to watch. If I ever feel bad I know I’ll be coming back into this game because I know it’ll put a smile on my face.

There was a hint at a larger story near the end of what I played though when I started discovering alien videos and the CEO of Kindred told me that there was something powerful on the planet, so I assume the story will be showing up more soon. I can’t wait to see how it plays out!


From what I played, Journey To The Savage Planet is a fantastic game. There’s a good amount of content to play, the world is beautiful, and the game is teeming with charm. I thoroughly recommend that anyone with a pro subscription tries this game out for themselves.


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