Incon’s Feature and UX Wishlist - August Edition

Welcome to the August Edition of a little piece I like to call “why tf aren’t these features in Stadia yet?” where we take a look at all the stuff I wish Google would add into Stadia, and see if they’ve added any of my requested features since last month.

Changes From Last Month

  • Moved some items into a new “Stuff They Actually Announced But Isn’t Here Yet” section to differentiate between stuff that’s coming, and stuff I just wish was coming.
  • Two new completed items! Yay!

Stuff They Actually Announced But Isn’t Here Yet

  • Ability to preorder games (we’ve seen preorders for DLC but not games)
  • Crowd Play (tested, but not launched. Almost there!)
  • Android TV support
  • Crowd Choice
  • Demos should be available for games that allow them. Many of the games currently available on the The Stadia Store do have demos available on other platforms. This isn’t as important to me since the refund window is generous, but that is not a proper solution.
  • State Share
  • Streaming directly to Youtube
  • Family Sharing
  • Text chat in The Stadia parties
  • DONE! View achievements on Mobile
  • Share screenshots in Android using the native Share

General Wishlist

  • “My Profile” functionality is hidden in several locations. Achievements and Status are hidden in the Friends section, Name and Avatar are in Settings. Consolidate this into a Social/Profile tab.
  • A yearly subscription option for Pro, rather than monthly.
  • Add a “Clear all notifications” button (for game invites). Similar to “clear all” for notifications on Android and chromeOS. It is very tedious to clear them when there are a dozen or more.
  • Local multiplayer should let Player2 sign in with their The Stadia account to allow achievements and save data, rather than have them show up as Guest.
  • DONE! Game/Voice audio mixer. I find the game volume to be much louder than the party chat volume. A mixer would be great to let us lower the volume of the game, and increase the volume of the party chat.

Store Wishlist

  • Filters / sorting / search
  • Gift purchases, to buy games for your friends.
  • User Feedback/Rating system for games. Other stores (Steam) have done a lot of research in this area already on what does/doesn’t work. A simple thumbs up/down system seems to work very well. imo this feature is more about community engagement.
  • Allow users to view games in the Store without being logged in. Currently there is no way to view prices or game features if you don’t have an account. I hit this problem recently trying to share a game link to a friend. If you’re not logged in, you can’t browse the store. Huge problem.
  • Wishlist for games you want to buy one day.
  • Let us purchase games that we’ve claimed through Pro, without having to first cancel the Pro sub. Seriously, why is this even a thing.

Library/Your Games Wishlist

  • Filters / sorting / search
  • “Info/Details” section within the Library. It is currently impossible to see expanded details on games you own without manually looking them up in the Store.
  • Better layout for list of games I own on the Home screen. Those large squares were pretty when I only had 4 games. Once I had a dozen it was annoying. Now it’s… well, more annoying. This is less of a problem on Mobile with the two list style options.
  • Favourites list to keep games better organized. This functions like the “installed” section on Xbox/PS where it’s a list of games you intend to play more often, instead of a “recent” list.
  • DONE! Add a “Time Played” counter for each game in my Library

Achievements Wishlist

  • Recognition for 100%‘ing a game (we do have the 15/15 display, but I’m thinking something more obvious that triggers the reward center of your brain, like a PS4 platinum). A crown over the corner of the game card or something like that.
  • Reward for 100%‘ers (maybe a badge icon on your profile which gets progressively cooler as you 100% more games—you get it at 1, then every 10/50/100 games after gives the icon some new flair)
  • Dedicated tab to view Achievements, it’s currently hidden away behind Friends->Username->Achievements which is not obvious at all (chrome)
  • View achievements on Chromecast
  • Differentiate achievements that are harder to complete (ie, PS4 gold trophies, Xbox achievements with a higher GS value)
  • Compare achievement progress with friends (you can now view your friends achievements, but there’s no comparison view. almost there, google!)
  • View achievement lists for games you don’t own. Perhaps through the Store page.
  • Pin an achievement that you’re proud of to your Profile as a way to show off.
  • Sort achievements by playedDate/percentComplete/alphabetical
  • View the full Achievements list while a game is open.


Great list. I agree on every single point. I’m looking forward to Family Share and all the various YouTube integration and streaming. 🥳

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