Ranking the Best Final Fantasy Games on Stadia

With the recent news of an upcoming Final Fantasy 16 coming in the (very, very) very distant future, this seems like a great time to work through the long list of Final Fantasy games, and discuss our favourites.

You may not agree with the order I’ve decided to rank these games, and that’s fine. There are fifteen mainline entries in the Final Fantasy series, stretching over several decades of releases. With such a vast array of games to draw from there are bound to be some differences of opinion. But this is my list, and they are in my order. So without further fanfare, I present to you my updated list of Final Fantasy games, ranked in order of bestestness.

  1. Final Fantasy 15

We all know how Final Fantasy 15 started life as the spin-off game Final Fantasy Versus 13 nearly a full decade before it finally launched as the game we know today. With a different director, and maybe another full decade to ferment, Final Fantasy 15 could have been a good game, but its numerous flaws outnumber any small amount of joy that can be found here.

Since this isn’t a review, I don’t go into crazy detail of what I dislike about this game, but very quickly—from the complete lack of any female characters of substance to the lackluster combat mechanics, there just isn’t much here left to redeem. In fact, if it wasn’t for the presence of magitech armor and the giant summoned monsters, they could have very easily dropped the Final Fantasy name altogether and released it as Generic Fantasy Boyband RPG.

Sporting the least interesting story of any Final Fantasy game since Crystal Chronicles, the only positive spin I can give this game is that it’s very pretty. But I suppose that’s what a hundred years of development gives you.

Final Thoughts

Final Fantasy is one of my favourite video game series, and I hope you enjoyed this list of the best Final Fantasy games on Stadia!


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