Immortals Fenyx Rising First Impression

Immortals Fenyx Rising is Ubisoft Québec’s homage to Nintendo Switch favourite Breath of the Wild. Character creation and quirky dialogue aside, the inspirations drawn from Breath of the Wild aren’t at all masked here. If you’re a fan of Nintendo’s open world magnum opus you’ll feel right at home in this cheeky Greek adventure.


Right off the bat you’re going to be greeted with a bright colourful world that’s very pleasing to the eye. The vibrant colour palette, vast draw distance, and detailed models are a breath of fresh air in a genre ripe with muddied realism. Much like Breath of the Wild the world itself feels like a character in the story. Animations are fast and fluid with a decent roster of baddies to smite.

Personally I feel the restrictions of the Nintendo Switch left Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule feeling rather empty and vacant. That’s certainly not an issue with Immortals thankfully! The landscape is riddled with detail and objects in far greater quantity than its muse. If you, like me, felt Hyrule was oddly barren its last go round then you’ll find Immortals to be a pleasant upgrade.

Immortals is locked at 30fps on Stadia which may bother some people. This is what we’ve come to expect from Ubisoft and Stadia lately which is kind of a shame considering Massive’s amazing work on the Stadia port of Division 2. While fps doesn’t affect my enjoyment as much as it does for others I figured it an important point to mention.


After you create your version of Fenyx, which can be male or female with an impressive array of options, you’ll be plunged into a tutorial of sorts. At this stage the game will be introducing you to each one of it’s many mechanics. Some familiar some new.

The stamina gauge is back love it or hate it. It acts as a “mana gauge”/limiter for your physical abilities and godly powers. Everything from sprinting and climbing to using your abilities consume chunks of stamina.

Combat in Immortals is a mix of what you’ve seen before from Ubisoft with perfect parries and dodges mixed with the sandbox freedom from Breath of the Wild. It’s very well done and feels fast, snappy, and fluid. Another bonus for most will be the divisive weapon durability system from Breath of the Wild is nowhere to be found here. Feel free to hack and slash to your heart’s content! This comes at a cost to weapon variation though as Fenyx has a far more limited arsenal carrying a sword for light attacks, axe for heavy, and bow for ranged. Though these weapons can be swapped and upgraded with different perks their gameplay isn’t as varied.

Speaking of variation… loot! It can’t be Ubisoft without loot! There are different armours and weapons to collect throughout your adventure that allow for variation in combat mechanics. Everything from a bonus to stuns to increase in stealth damage. This combined with an ability tree talent system allows for your Fenyx to be vastly different from your friends in not only appearance but gameplay as well.


If you’re a fan of Greek mythology Immortals’ story and characters will be familiar to you. We have all the usual suspects here but with a comedic twist. It’s the incredibly well done writing and humour beats that set this title apart from many others with the same background.

Immortals is the Mel Brooks Greek epic I never knew I needed. If you’re familiar with the legendary comedy film director’s library you’ll see the similarities immediately. It’s a story that can be enjoyed by young and old alike with humour that appeals without vulgarity or nsfw references.

After playing through the demo and feeling the humour falling relatively flat I read many similar impressions from others. Luckily the final product is greatly improved from the demo we received only a short while ago. It’s akin to a movie keeping the best jokes from the trailer reserved for the final product. If you didn’t like the writing from the demo, like me you may find the full product to be night and day.


Immortals Fenyx Rising is a massive game. There’s so much to explore and discover and many elements I didn’t even touch on in this preview. If you’re still on the fence and waiting for a full review that’s understandable as there are many titles released and to be released this holiday vying for your attention/wallet.

That said if you’re a Breath of the Wild fan and itching for more you can’t go wrong with Immortals. Maybe you don’t own a Nintendo Switch and want to see what all the hype is about. Immortals Fenyx Rising is a potent mix of Nintendo and Ubisoft that I feel is a safe place to rest some of your hard earned currency.


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