How to optimize Google Stadia and be the bomb

TLDR - I just want to know the optimizations 

- Internet connection: 10 Mbps for 720p, 15mbps for 1080p, or 35 Mbps for 4K. Double, triple, quadruple (you understand the point by now) if multiple people in your household are doing internet heavy activities at the same time. 

- Gaming device: Connect your device via an Ethernet cable or 5GHz WiFi.

- Gaming device: Turn location services off (especially on Mac).

- Router: Quality of Service can cause harm, try disabling it.

- Router/Firewall: Open ports 44700-44899 (TCP and UDP) in your firewall.

- Browser: Keep it up to date.

- Browser: Incognito or without extensions.

- Browser: Turn hardware acceleration on/off in your browser.

- Browser: Turn pointer lock on.

- OS: Turn mouse pointer acceleration off in your OS.

- TV: Have game mode on your TV turned on.

- TV/Display: Make sure your TV or display is set to 60 Hz refresh rate (or more).

You, your internet, and your network

Playing games through an internet-hosted service (such as Google Stadia) demands more from your internet connection and your network at home than a typical web page. Make sure that the device you use to play Google Stadia is connected in the best possible way.

Below are a few steps you can follow to solidify your network for Google Stadia.

Internet connection

Make sure your internet connection gives you at least 10 Mbps. This is the official requirement for playing Google Stadia on 720p resolution. You can check your internet connection through

Your internet connection should at least be 35 Mbps if you have Google Stadia Pro and use the 4K resolution when playing.

More people in your household using the internet at the same time? Multiply the network requirements depending on what your family and friends do on the network. 5 people want to play Stadia through 4K at once? 35*5 and then some would be your speed requirements.

Wired or wireless network

Using a wired connection is highly recommended. A wired connection is more stable than a wireless connection in most conditions.

Have to use a wireless connection? Check that your router supports 5GHz, and that your device is connected to 5GHz (this also applies to the Google Stadia controller/s) and that the signal strength on your device is strong. If your signal is not strong, move closer to your router or wire your device to your router. Consider purchasing a mesh network if you don’t already own one, and make sure that the additional mesh points are spread throughout your house with good signal strength between each other.

Internet browser and various doodads

If you’re playing through your browser, make sure that your browser is always up to date. Google Stadia is recommended for use with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge is also supported and reportedly does a better job for some users.


Stadia runs best when it gets uninterrupted access to the internet, be that by your connection to the internet, other devices doing other things on the network, or strange extensions in your browser that run Stadia.

If you’re experiencing issues when playing Stadia through your browser, try going to in a guest session or incognito.

Hardware acceleration

Turn it off, or keep it on. Depending on your experience. There’s no definite solution to this issue. Search for it in your Google Chrome settings.


If you experience stuttering from your mouse movement when playing Google Stadia you might want to

  • turn off mouse acceleration (this is found in your operative system settings, search for mouse). Mouse acceleration changes the rate at which your mouse pointer moves based on the speed you’re moving the mouse. A lot of serious gamers do turn anything related to this type of feature off.
  • turn on point lock in Google Chrome (chrome://flags). Point lock will help smooth out the movement of the cursor inside Google Chrome.
  • setting polling rate lower (this is usually found in the driver for your mouse).

Once upon a time the 4K HDR TV, Chromecast Ultra, and the Google Stadia controller had a party in your living room…

… it was the best party ever and they lived there happily ever after! This is the recommended way to play Google Stadia currently. Wire your Google Chromecast Ultra, connect it to your amazing 4K HDR TV and have your Google Stadia controller connected to a 5GHz wireless network. Happy gaming!

Psst, make sure to have your amazing TV on game mode and 60+ Hz.

Still not having the time of your life playing video games beamed through unspeakable sorcery onto your preferred device?

You can also try this interactive support site to troubleshoot your issues. Else, get in touch with Google Stadia support for additional help on your Google Stadia experience. Reach out to your internet service provider for additional help on your internet connection.

The Stadia Life community over on Discord is also more than happy to welcome and help both new and weathered enthusiasts with the way of the Stadia.




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