How to make Stadia look better on Chrome

Stadia looks amazing, we all know this, but most of us also know that Stadia looks less amazing on Chrome than it does on the CCU.
Luckily we have an awesome community that create stuff to make things more convenient.

We already saw this with Stadia specific Chrome extensions like Stadia+ and Stadia Enhanced that add tons of useful features.
Like a stream monitor that shows you the resolution you play in or quick shortcuts to certain parts of the site. But also features that genuinely make Stadia on Chrome look better, both of them allow you to force a 4k stream. This does not necessarily mean the game is 4k, but the stream is. Which in turn means that the stream will run on a higher bitrate. And a higher bitrate means less artifacts in darker areas in games for example.

Stadia on Chrome still has this odd issue, which is caused by the fact that it is a stream, where backgrounds are a bit blurry and colors look a bit washed out. On CCU you won't really have this, but on Chrome is pretty noticeable. Its not anything that bothers me, but you can see it.

Luckily, there are already extensions made for other websites that also work with Stadia. One of those is called Video Control, which is a Chrome extension that allows you to change visuals of a stream. This one also works with Stadia and I'll go through the settings to tell you what I've found and what seems to work for me.

The screenshot on the right shows all possible settings, and to make it easy, also show the settings I'm using.

Recommended settings

I've put the sharpness at 25%, this makes the game look significantly less blurry.
I've also slightly moved the contrast, depending on your monitor, this setting could need some tweaking though.
As a tip, go to a place with clear and vibrant visuals, also preferably a shadow.
Look specifically at the shadow first and move the contrast until the Shadow looks clearly dark but also not too dark.
After that, check the rest of the colors and make sure that the contrast isn't making them look too dark.

I haven't changed any of the other settings, but I definitely recommend trying it out to see what you like.

That's all for this article!
I hope its useful and that it makes your games look better on Chrome!

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