Far Cry 3 Classic Edition coming to Stadia?

Far Cry 3 was unquestionably the Far Cry that really broke the mould and set up the fantastic series of games and the direction for the series going forward. Vaas is still to date one of the most interesting and enigmatic video game villains of all time and I for one would love to spend more time with him.

Speculation warning! Advise caution for anything below this point!

Well, it looks like as Stadia users, we might be in luck! As part of the Far Cry 5 Season Pass, Far Cry 3 Classic Edition is being provided to Season Pass holders. Whilst Far Cry 3 hasn't been officially announced to be coming to Stadia, Eagle eyed user, Fai has spotted something interesting in the latest FAQ released from Ubisoft on the subject.

The article itself doesn't explicitly confirm that a Stadia version is coming, but normally one could be forgiven for allowing the speculation get to your head given the season pass itself was available to Stadia players, but even more convincing is that the article itself is explicitly tagged with Stadia along side the other platforms.

Again, this is speculation and could just be an error from Ubisoft (which given their track record is very likely), but wouldn't it be nice to get Far Cry 3?! I guess we'll have to keep our eyes open on Tuesday/Thursday and hope for any information from Stadia!

- Vivi

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