Dead By Daylight Review (by a PC player)

What is Dead By Daylight?

Dead By Daylight is an asymmetric horror game developed and published by Behaviour Interactive. The game features prominent characters and killers from various horror movies and TV shows such as Michael Myers from Halloween (1978) as the killer as well as Laurie Strode the survivor character from the same franchise. To some of the more iconic horror TV franchises such as Stranger Things (featuring the characters Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler and the Demogorgon).


​I have put features above everything else as I feel like I need to express the features this game offers for more specifically the Stadia release of the game.


This game features cross-play with every other console (PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch) and PC release of the game. This can be done via the in-game friend system that the game offered in a more recent update to the other platforms (but came day one with the Stadia release).

To add friends to your Dead By Daylight Stadia save you click the stereotypical friend icon (near the very bottom left-hand corner near the candle) and at the top left-hand corner of your screen it says your name (Vesuvius#5063 as an example) and below it says another # below so your name would be (Vesuvius#5063#19db)


This game features cross save with the Steam version of the game. To do this you need to go to the Behaviour website to create an account to link both of your Stadia and Steam accounts to the website and wait for them to synchronize together.

Website to synchronize your accounts together: here

Gameplay! (Killer)

What does the killer do?

The killer has two objectives to do when you play.

Objective One!

One of these objectives is to kill the survivors. This can be done in various different ways, the main one you will be doing is hooking the survivors on a meat hook and leave them sitting like meat, you will probably have to hook them multiple times (up to a maximum of three). Another way you can kill the survivor is if you meet certain conditions, such as being able to kill them after you have hooked them using something called a Mori (this is an offering and isn’t fun for the survivors, so please have some common courtesy). Some killers have certain perks where you can do something similar to a Mori, where you can kill them after a hook but they don’t have to be “downed” on the floor to execute it.

When you down a survivor and chase another player listen out for the audio and visual notifications about where the survivor could be hiding (like tall grass etc).

Objective Two!

The other objective that the killer has to do is slow down the survivors by any means necessary. This also can be done in various ways, such as chasing survivors to kill them as this is one if not the main objective of the killer and you can catch up quite easily because every killer is faster than the survivor. Another way you can slow down the survivor is by running slow down perks such as Hex Ruin (which is where if the survivor stops working on a generator the progress goes backwards) or by running a perk called Thanatophobia which slows down the speed the survivors can work on anything. And the final way to slow down generators is by hitting them (alongside perks such as Hex Ruin this can make the progress deplete quite quickly).

Options of attack and movement

When playing the killer you have the basic attack function which is bound to the right trigger by default. This allows you to attack only just in front of you, however, if you hold it you can do a lunge attack where you move forwards and swipe, this can be quite good if you can’t just keep up with that damn survivor who just keeps on running you around every pallet, window, staircase or literally in a circle (I have a lot of built-up anger about this). If you attack but miss the survivor the game punishes you by locking you into a staggering animation, which allows the survivor to make a little distance, don’t worry though, it’s not too long! Another method of attacking a survivor or movement depending on the killer (I'm not going to spoil this because that’s your decision) can make you instantly down a survivor if you hit them or makes you move quicker etc. However, some killers such as the Hillbilly have limited movement when moving quickly and can instantly down a survivor, or nurse who can only move forward when she blinks (signified by a scream). When doing normal movement the game obeys a standard movement controls for (the left stick to move and the right stick to look around) and for keyboard and mouse players its WASD to walk forward, backwards and strafe left and right and look around with the mouse.

Playing as the killer on Dead By Daylight is probably the most simple way to learn how Dead By Daylight works and some of the skills and things you learn from playing the killer can be carried over for when you play as the survivor, I personally think this is a brilliant way of learning things from a new perspective and rewards the player for simply just playing the game.

Gameplay! (Survivor)

​What does the Survivor do?

Objective One!

The main objective of the survivor is to fix generators and to escape. However, there's additional challenges to complete this goal (well one of these is obvious, I’d check behind you Michael might be stalking you). Such as when you’re fixing a generator. When you fix a generator there are a couple of challenges which await you from being able to just sit there and finish it. And the main one is skill checks, these are in the game to make the game more balanced for the killer (so basically the killer knows you messed up) and to keep the survivors on their toes. Skill check pop-ups can be identified by a high pitched “ding” sound and has two levels which allow you to get a small burst of progress if you hit it (this is a great skill check) and if you get in the clear box it is a good skill check meaning you just passed and isn’t really any benefit apart from the killer not knowing where you explicitly are. My main problem with skill checks in this version of the game is that they don’t work correctly, such as getting great skill checks when you should’ve only gotten a good one for example.

Survivors also get a side objective of saving survivors who are on the hook when they get caught by the killer (just make sure you aren’t getting charged down by Ghostface).

Presentation! (Visuals, audio mix)

Overall I’d call the overall graphically presentation pretty bad compared to other games you can get around the same price point as this game (around £17 or $20) especially because you can get great looking games around this price point and this one feels backwards compared to some of those games, especially considering that the game uses the Unreal Engine where games look drop-dead gorgeous (hehe horror theming). People may argue that the game is only “indie” but I wouldn’t consider this game an indie game considering the size of some of the licenses they include in the game. Along with a pretty bad audio mix with somewhat bad directional audio, in comparison with other games around this pricing such as Doom (granted this is also triple-A), which I also think is a bad point since audio and directional audio is incredibly important in this game.

Summary and Conclusion

In conclusion, I appreciate the game for its technical nuance which allows people to learn it and become more skilled allowing the game to build a hardcore audience and on the opposite end of the spectrum also allows people who just want to sit down and have a little fun hacking and slashing at the poor people who fixing generators to escape your grasp. However, the lacklustre visuals, downright bad audio mix (at this price point) as well as it being relatively hard to get into for newcomers who just want the adrenaline rush of being chased around by an unstoppable force due to not understanding the technical nuances of the game make it hard to play for some people.

Also, any constructive criticism on my writing style or this review would be greatly appreciated down in the comments below!


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