Cyberpunk 2077 delayed (once again)

Fear not, it only got delayed for a “minor” 21 days, the new release date will be December 10, 2020.

Like with the last delay, CDPR made sure to leave a quick note, which you can see embedded below.


They have decided to push it back 3 weeks, to make sure all of the launches (Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PC, and Stadia) will go smoothly. Three weeks might sound like it won’t make any difference, but they assured us it does.

To add something “funny” to this sad news, there seems to be one guy with a bit of a problem here.
He asked Cyberpunk on twitter if they were sure about the release on the 19th, and they told him “Full confirmation!”

The funny part? It was yesterday.

Ouch! Talk about being the last to know!


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