Crew 2 Adds Time Machine, For A Limited… Time

Was that a click-baity enough headline for you?

The Crew 2 has been running regular weekly events since it’s inception, and this week is no different. Each event follows a loose theme, and this week that theme is the 80’s. Of course no vehicle screams 80’s more than the classic DMC DeLorean made popular by the Back to the Future film series. Except maybe KITT? Nah.

From right now until Sept 1st, you can pick up two different versions of this classic car. The first is the standard grey model you’ve come to know and love, which can be purchased from the Catalog like all other standard vehicles, while the other is the special DeLorean DMC-12 RAD Edition pictured above in all it’s neon purple glory.

The RAD Edition is a special unlock hidden away behind a specific race. To unlock it, you’ll need to go to the Street Race category, and look for the race Miami Ride. It’s a pretty simple inner-city race with some fun retro music and purple neon lighting. The race itself is almost entirely straight, with only a small handful of tight corners so shouldn’t pose a problem for most players. Finish the race, and the car is yours!

If you’re still starved for some more 80s-themed action after this, I recommend checking out the best Far Cry game of all time - Blood Dragon.


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