Baldur’s Gate 3 Price Announced, Crowd Choice Is Not Stadia Exclusive

Michael Douse has announced on Twitter that Crowd Choice in Baldur’s Gate 3 will not, in fact, be a Stadia exclusive feature.

The Twitch games integration has been around for a long time, and is obviously the basis for the idea of Crowd Choice in the first place, but it’s a little surprising that what we expected to have as a major selling point for Stadia is now going to be… not so special. With this feature launching on Twitch as well as Stadia, one of the biggest differentiators we were expecting to have on Stadia is now gone.

This also raises the question, will Baldur’s Gate 3 even have Crowd Choice enabled at launch? It’s looking extremely unlikely to be present, at least during the Early Access period which starts at the end of this month, considering Youtube Streaming hasn’t even arrived yet, let alone Crowd Play.

Oh, and he announced the price too. According to Michael, the game will be releasing into Early Access at $60. He didn’t clarify which currency that is, but let’s just assume he meant USD based on the currency symbol until we hear otherwise.

Update: The price has been confirmed as USD.

Source: Twitter


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