Avengers Patch 1.2.5 Releases But Not For Stadia

A new patch for Marvel’s Avengers has dropped last night, but—as the title says—Stadia is still stuck on v1.2.2.

Patch 1.2.4 and 1.2.5 were combined in a single release on September 9th, and pushed out to PC players later that day. Consoles were scheduled to soon follow, but as Stadia does not seem to have a an official weekly date for patches across its games yet, it’s still unclear when Stadia will receive this update.

Pro-Tip: Are you curious if the update has arrived, and don’t like checking news sites? You can see the version of your game in the bottom-left corner of the Settings menu.

From the Square-Enix blog:

Patch V1.2.5 resolves a number of playthroughs stoppers. Our next patch – V1.3.0 – will be our largest yet and will resolve bad states for bugs fixed in 1.2.5, as well as address hundreds of smaller quality of life issues. We are rigorously testing V1.3.0. to ensure it is ready for deployment, and will update you when we have a timeline to share! Check out this week’s patch notes here.

We’ll update you as soon as we have more information, but for now… we’ll all have to just keep waiting.

Source: Marvel's Avengers Blog


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