Assassin’s Creed Odyssey First Impressions

Basic Overview

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a game developed by Ubisoft Quebec and published by Ubisoft. The game was released as a launch title on Google Stadia on November 19th, 2019.

ACO is based on the overall storyline from Assassin’s Creed but from what I’ve played this game barely mentions anything to do with the Assassins or the Templars. This game takes place in Ancient Greece as a Spartan soldier (as a male or female character, I’ll get onto this later). I would cover the story I’ve played so far, but I don’t want to spoil major story points or things which may lead to them.


The gameplay here seems to be something which I feel this game does do right in some aspects. Such as the combat (if simple) does feel satisfying enough to be enjoyable with flashy looking animations when you do a “finisher” to enemies which are attacking you, but on the other hand can make some battles feel anti-climatic since you can just kick someone off a cliff to end the massive built-up drama of a fight. General movement has been simplified, since they removed the run button so walking to running is more representative of a 2D platformer (such as the original Sonic game) with its momentum-based movement. Now the climbing… This game has climbing mechanics which are somehow less engaging compared to other entries in the games such as Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag or Assassin’s Creed Unity, its been broken down to walking up to a wall and the character starts to climb up it. Also this got nominated for best gameplay from various places, which I mean its average but nothing groundbreaking or fun to just move around in compared to something like Super Mario Odyssey as an example.

Overall presentation (audio, visuals, voice acting)

The visuals of the game have been greatly improved over previous entries in the series which I have played (Assassin’s Creed 4) on a technical level. But in some aspects look more flat in terms of overall dynamic range in the image which ruins the overall visual flair of the game. But in some areas the game does look quite nice, but not to the level of other games on Stadia. In terms of channel usage the game doesn’t feel very inspired in this department. The audio feels uninspired since there isn’t really anything happening in the open world when you aren’t in the cities or towns in the game so it makes the world feel empty, such as with basic things like birds chirping or people greeting you as you walk by to help immerse you into the world to make it feel alive (hehe marketing buzzword). The character models in the game don’t have super detailed models, like lacking pores on close ups on characters or even really changing the character model (excluding the face) between the male and female character.

The overall music in the game feels largely forgettable with none of the tracks really standing out in any way compared to other games I could name with more memorable music. Here are a few songs I can name from games: Deadman’s Gun (Ashtar Command) - Red Dead Redemption 1, May I Stand Unshaken - Red Dead Redemption 2, Warthog Run - Halo 3 to name 3.

The voice acting is some of the worst I’ve heard in the video game in a long time. The voice acting in the game feels so robotic in terms of its delivery it comes across as laughable (when you pick one of the characters you want to play as). Some of the side characters voice acting such as Markos being so over the top in terms of delivery you just start laughing at it (or is it because the lips AREN’T SYNCED, the main thing you have to do to help the player get immersed in the environment and they didn’t do that). Other side characters you talk to when you rescue a character called Phoebe are also terribly overacted (similar to an over the top comedy). The fact that the female actress got nominated for the “best performer” at the 15th British Academy Game Awards is an insult to put it lightly.

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Level design

The level design in some of the missions sometimes starts with conversations before the mission starts, such as in some side missions at the beginning of the game or before you rescue Phoebe for the first time. Some you go to a destination and cause havoc etc, but if it’s just the same design and structure every single mission without any interesting or good voice acting it will just become boring (like I have)

Final roundup

My final overview of the game is do not bother playing it. The voice acting is dreadful most of the time early on in the game and the overall story so far from what I’ve played isn’t anything to write home about (not covered in my review but hinted at with specifics). The gameplay in combat is fun enough even if you can end it prematurely. The music in the game isn’t anything to write home about and is incredibly forgettable most of the time. Visually the game looks fine if flat. Honestly if you want to buy a game just skip this one and get something else because it’s unbelievably boring so far.


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