Another Week on Stadia - Road 96, Stadia Savepoint, Digital Foundry, and more

Road 96

Through an interview with (GamesBeat) published the 29th of December (that’s last year). Yoan Fanise's indie studio DigixArt revealed that the procedurally generated narrative game Road 96 will launch on Stadia and Steam. 

Source: Yoan Fanise tells why Road 96 is DigixArt's next big game | VentureBeat, Dean Takahashi 

ChrisFromGoogle appears on the official Stadia Discord, but

… didn’t have anything to share this Tuesday (the 5th of January). 

Stadia Savepoint: December

A summary of what happened in December 2020 on Google Stadia, by the Director of Product himself.

Source: Stadia Savepoint: December updates (, Andrey Doronichev

GraceFromGoogle graces us with her grace and invites you to become a moderator of r/Stadia

“Hey everyone! First and foremost, hope you all are having a wonderful start to the New Year. As you may have noticed, we've seen a massive increase in new members joining r/Stadia the past couple months, and we want to ensure that this community feels supported. With that being said, we're looking to add a few more moderators to the r/Stadia mod team.

If you're interested in joining, please fill out the mod application linked at the bottom of this post. Friendly reminder that completion of this application does NOT guarantee acceptance. We will reach out to you via Discord if you are chosen to continue the application process. Thanks!

Link to application:” (it’s closed now)

Source: Stadia Discord, #announcements, GraceFromGoogle

This Week on Stadia: Your free Stadia Pro games are here

We already knew that, Google. We already knew that! Well, besides El Hijo - A Wild West Tale, which you forgot to mention in December. 

Source: This Week on Stadia: Your free Stadia Pro games ar... - Stadia Community, StadiaTeam

Want to create magic in Crayta?

Crayta has uploaded a tutorial on how you can work with events in Crayta. Requiring less, or even no experience with writing code. An introduction to the world of game development. Watch and learn! Crayta Tutorial: Working with events 

Source: Crayta Tutorial: Working with events, Crayta

Digital Foundry compares Cyberpunk 2077 on Stadia and Xbox Series X - they’re surprised by the result

Get over yourselves Digital Foundry, please. You even had to go and get on a horrendous network connection, and device, to slam some more on Stadia. Play Stadia on a proper network and a proper device (Chromecast Ultra) next time. Or even better - make a comparison with XCloud, or a comparison where you pack your sack with your Xbox Series X and drive up to that same location - then compare.

Stadia is better than this, you shouldn't rely on clickbait, and you know it. Don’t make it worse than it is, be better. Also, work on your production quality, thanks.

Source: Cyberpunk 2077: Stadia vs Xbox Series X - And The Results Are Surprising! - YouTube, Digital Foundry


See you next Sunday for another Another Week on Stadia!


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