Another Week on Stadia - PixelJunk Raiders (Only on Stadia), Shantae you stay, and more

PixelJunk Raiders, only on Stadia. Stadia Pro claimable games for March. Terraria is back. Skyclimbers gameplay preview. Journey to the Savage Planet bug patched, and more. 

This Week on Stadia: New games this week, plus PixelJunk Raiders & more coming March 1 to Stadia Pro

Stadia Pro March games: PixelJunk Raiders, AVICII Invector, PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle, and Reigns

PixelJunk Raiders from Q-Games is Only on Stadia, check out the trailer over on YouTube PixelJunk Raiders - Official Announcement Trailer | Stadia 

Arrived on Stadia on February 23rd: Welcome to Elk, A Place for the Unwilling, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge

Games leaving Stadia Pro claimable today:  Kine, Hello Neighbor: Secret Neighbor, and Monster Jam Steel Titans. March 2 is the last day to claim Outcasters. If you subscribe to Stadia Pro - go claim them right now.

Leaving Stadia Pro soon - Store - Stadia

There’s also a bunch of sales going on. 

On sale - Store - Stadia

Stadia Pro deals - Store - Stadia

Source: This Week on Stadia: New games this week, plus Pix... - Stadia Community

Use State Share to give friends an advantage while saving the world in PixelJunk Raiders on March 1

Stadia has done a small interview with Dylan Cuthbert, the founder of Q-Games who is the developer behind the upcoming PixelJunk Raiders, on how the game utilizes State Share.

Excerpt of the interview: 

How does State Share work specifically in PixelJunk Raiders?

In the game, players take advantage of what we call ‘imprints’ in each stage - turrets, gadgets, and other weaponry that help take down the alien forces holding the indigenous Tantallians hostage. Once you capture a screenshot or gameplay clip from your stage, State Share ensures that your game state is saved as well, allowing other players to play the same procedurally-generated stage. 

By clicking the link to your capture, they can start from the beginning of your unique stage in PixelJunk Raiders and use your imprints - as well as any they create - to complete the level and save the Tantallians! In this way, states passed between several players will evolve slightly depending on how each person plays the game.

Of note, players will need to collect Axontium, a golden resource found all over planet Tantal, in order to use each imprint. Be sure to grab as much as you can within each stage to use to your advantage!

Read the full interview over here Use State Share to give friends an advantage while... - Stadia Community

Journey to the Savage Planet bug patched

Here’s the changelog:

  • Addresses the issue causing save game corruption which was crashing the game when loading them at the main menu
  • The ability to detect corrupted saves in the main menu without crashing. If the player does have a corrupted save, it will now show as "corrupted" in the menu. By deleting the corrupted save, your game will look for other saves that can be loaded to recover some progress.
  • Fix to prevent co-op disconnects when suspending or switching devices

Source: Update regarding issues with "Journey to the Savage Planet"

Skyclimbers pre-alpha gameplay preview, and confirmed for Stadia

It’s pre-alpha, thus working and running like I imagine most games in pre-alpha would. 

Some pros: 

  • NPC crowds, make large spaces like a city feel vibrant and alive, needs more variety throughout
  • Animated foliage and props, make the game world feel believable
  • Decent animations, good considering this is pre-alpha. Tighten it up and stick to the principles of animation, especially; squash and stretch, anticipation, and secondary action

Some cons: 

  • Loud and cramped sound design overall. Some of this might have been added in post-production, I can’t tell
  • Repetitive environments
  • Lighting and skybox

Again, this is pre-alpha. The current state is passable. I like that the developer is revealing a lot of gameplay this early.

Skyclimbers is also confirmed for Stadia now. Neat! More the merrier.

Sources: Uncut City Roaming Gameplay, Uncut Open World Exploration Gameplay, Uncut Survival / Base Building Gameplay, It's official. @playskyclimbers will be coming to Stadia

Terraria, and how to look like a fool

So that game that got pulled away from a seemingly done deal on Stadia after the co-founder lost access to his own Google account? Terraria has done another 180 and is now launching on Stadia. This reminds me of school, age 12, the unfun part of it. 

All’s well that ends well?

Source: Terraria State of the Game - February 2021 | Terraria Community Forums


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