Another Week on Stadia - Outriders, Baldur’s Gate 3 Larian Studios interview, and more

Outriders confirmed for Stadia, launches the same day as every other platform (Get out of here!). Baldur’s Gate 3 interview. Two new games announced for Stadia. Read on, read on. 

This Week on Stadia: Outriders is coming in April, get a pet in TESO, and save on big games

Outriders, developed by the immaculate People Can Fly and published by the glorious Square Enix is coming to Stadia on April 1st. Same date as every other platform that is getting the game. Bomb: It will have crossplay! This is a big one.

Stadia sadly won’t get the Outriders demo, due to reasons unknown, that launches on the other platforms on February 25th. 

Get a pet in The Elder Scrolls Online. All you need to do is pre-order the upcoming expansion, Blackwood before March 17th. The Elder Scrolls: Blackwood lands on Stadia on June 1st.

Plus a bunch of sales, read all about those in the source below.

Source: This Week on Stadia: Outriders is coming in April,... - Stadia Community

Interview with Larian Studios unveils update for Baldur’s Gate 3 coming soon to Stadia

Stadia sat down with Kieron Kelly, Product Manager at Larian Studios to get all of the details about this new content update for players to explore. The interview skims over the new Druid class, here’s a copy paste of a question and answer. 

Why is the new Druid class so exciting for players?

Druids are incredibly versatile party members, taking powerful elements from the Cleric and Wizard classes and combining them to be a great caster. They can support their party with healing and controlling magic, or call on nature’s wrath to bring a destructive wildfire to destroy your enemies. What’s more, they have great utility with Wild Shape, an ability where they can transform into different animals like wolves, cats, spiders, or bears.

Read the full interview in the source down below.

Source: Interview with Larian Studios unveils update for B... - Stadia Community

Next up on Stadia: Two narrative adventure games coming soon

First off. Stadia, please, if you're listening (or not), keep doing Next up on Stadia. I want to see games coming to Stadia before they drop. It's great!

Two new games dropping on Stadia: A Place for the Unwilling, and Welcome to Elk.

Welcome to Elk is a biographical adventure set on an island like no other, where every character you encounter has a story to tell. From the weird and wonderful to the dark and desperate, all the tales told on Elk are based on true stories of life on the road less traveled.

A Place for the Unwilling is a branching narrative adventure set in the final 21 days of a dying city. Every decision you make will shape your surroundings and the city’s fate. However, the clock is ticking - and the city carries on, with or without you. Speak to everyone from eerie politicians to child anarchists. Work as a trader, socialize, explore the town freely, and play a role in the city’s hierarchy. An open-world experience where player choices really do count, set in a Dickensian world of color and Eldritch nightmares.

I’m personally looking forward to Welcome to Elk, the style of the game is super nice! Read more about both games in the source below.

Source: Next up on Stadia: Two narrative adventure games c... - Stadia Community

Assassin's Creed Valhalla, update 1.1.2

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla title update 1.1.2 landed on Stadia on February 16th. River raids, new abilities, and new skills, among a ton of game improvements and fixes. Read the full changelog in the source below.

Source: Assassin's Creed® Valhalla – Title Update 1.1.2 (

One Hand Clapping, Maestro Mountain Part 2

One Hand Clapping, the game that’ll drive anyone who’s near you nuts when you play it, got a big update on February 18th. The second part of Maestro Mountain! 

Source: The new content never stops. Maestro Mountain Part 2 is out now on Stadia! Come join our discord to talk about it with our team! / Twitter


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See you next Sunday (ish) for another Another Week on Stadia!


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