Another Week on Stadia - Resident Evil, delays, TWoS, Outcasters, Cyberpunk, Ubisoft sale, and more

This Week on Stadia: HITMAN 3 hits Stadia with State Share, and let’s go on a Pikuniku

Hitman 3 is now available on Stadia, with it comes Stadia State Share. Drop into friend’s game state to use items you haven’t unlocked yet, among several more fun ways to enhance your experience. Hitman 3 is available for $59.99 USD or €69.99 in the Stadia store. Hitman and Hitman 2 (both are currently free with Stadia Pro) also have State Share enabled.

Pikuniku is now available on Stadia. It’s a strange, wonky, and wondrous puzzler, on your own or together with someone else. Pikuniku is available for $10.39 USD or €10.39, a special launch discount, so don’t sleep on it.

Deals in the Stadia store for this week (started January 19th and lasts till February 3rd), 

On sale - Store - Stadia

Ubisoft sale, and other.. sales

Ubisoft, and others, are having a sale on a bunch of their games in Ultimate editions. Look at the games being on sale here On sale - Store - Stadia (requires a Stadia account)

Resident Evil and Stadia

Division 2 Resident Evil Cosmetics News Article Thumbnail of Leon Kennedy next to Division 2 agent

During the recent stream from Capcom about their upcoming Resident Evil game, Village, there was one platform logo not displayed at the end.. Guess who? Yep, Stadia. 

Spawning from a rumor (that isn't a rumor) about Google slapping a bunch of cash (10.000.000$) on Capcom's table to get Resident Evil 7 and 8 onto the platform. This, naturally, comes as a shock to some (many). 

Fret not, we're getting a fun Division 2 crossover with Resident Evil's 25th anniversary! Hooray!

Source: Capcom Ransomware Leaks Thread - Check OP for latest contents, ResetEra

The Division 2 Celebrates Resident Evil 25th Anniversary with Cosmetics Crossover, Ubisoft

Riders Republic delay

The upcoming massive multiplayer playground game from Ubisoft has been delayed until later this year. Read more Riders Republic on Twitter: A message to our players

Outriders delay

The upcoming massive multiplayer shooter looter game from People Can Fly, published by Square Enix, has been delayed to April 1st this year (no joke). Stated to launch on Stadia “later in 2021”. Read more Outriders on Twitter: An important update regarding Outriders

Stadia Bash

This is a full-on Stadia content creator hype event full of goodness! Be sure to check-in. The Stadia Bash will run from January 25th to 30th via YouTube. You can find everything you need over on Stadia Bash Community Directory - YouTube

We’re taking part, come watch Kitty stream Orcs Must Die! 3, January 29th, 2021. More info about our entry The Stadia Life - The Stadia Life Stadia Bash January 2021

Direct link to our live stream on YouTube Stadia Bash madness w/ Kitty - YouTube

Outcasters January patch notes

Two new character packs; sea squad and feral friends. Personally, I love feral friends. 

Some general improvements (like fixing game crashes), a bunch of graphical polish (this one is especially funny We’ve fixed an issue with some Emotes bouncing around when they shouldn’t be.), and a slew of AI updates for smarter bots (mainly fixing bots getting stuck). Read the changelog January Patch Notes - Splash Damage

Or read our (much more awesome) edition of the same patch notes The Stadia Life - Outcasters Patch Notes, January 19th

Cyberpunk, patch 1.1

CDPR dropped patch 1.1 for Cyberpunk, it went live on all platforms on January 22nd. Among the fixes, I find these most interesting:  


Various stability improvements including:

  • Memory usage improvements in various systems within the game: characters, interactions, navigation, in-game videos (news, tv, etc.), foliage, laser effects, minimap, devices, AI, street traffic, environmental damage system, GPU-related, and more.
  • Various crash fixes (related to, among others, loading saves, game opening/closing and Point of No Return).

Stadia specific:

  • Fixed corrupted textures on several melee weapons.
  • Tweaked default deadzone settings to be more responsive. Note: the change will not affect settings unless they’re set to default.  

Read the full changelog Patch 1.1 - Cyberpunk 2077

Games releasing next week

Gods Will Fall


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