Another Week on Stadia - No news is good news

Stadia and everyone else have been on holidays this week, not a ton of news to report on. The Stadia community blog is back in business tomorrow for some more blogging goodness. Probably everyone else too.

Stadia Pro games January 2021

F1 2020 - Open-wheel racing at its finest!

Hotline Miami - A fast, visceral top-down shooter that rewards the quick and punishes the hesitant. 

Figment - A musical journey through the mind.

Ary and the Secret of Seasons - A colorful action-RPG that encourages you to explore a mysterious world.

(Shadow drop) El Hijo - A Wild West Tale - an exciting spaghetti-western stealth game with a boy on a quest to find his mom.

How to: Crowd Play and Crowd Choice

YouTube Creators (the channel, not people who create content on YouTube) have uploaded a great video on how to set up and use Stadia's amazing Crowd Play and Crowd Choice features. Take a look here How To Set Up Stadia Crowd Choice & Crowd Play Beta - YouTube


See you next Sunday for another Another Week On Stadia!


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