3 facts about Google Stadia that will blow your mind

I’ve collected three wild facts about Google Stadia that I’m definitely almost positively certain will blow your mind. Maybe even your socks. 

Fact 1: Google Stadia is free

Wait, what? Hold my phone! You’re telling me Google Stadia is free? But.. the internet keeps telling me it costs money. 

Ah, the internet. It tells you a lot of things. Here’s food for thought, do your own research and do some critical thinking. Thank me never. 

In fact, there are three whole games available on Google Stadia right now, that's completely free. FREE. You don’t need a subscription, you don’t even have to pay for the games. They’re free.

Current free games are: 

  • Destiny 2
  • Crayta
  • Super Bomberman R Online

Do I need anything else? Yeah. A free Google account, and currently reside in one of the countries listed here Stadia availability in your country - Stadia Help

Read more about free games on Google Stadia over here Free games on Stadia - Stadia Help

Fact 2: You can play Google Stadia on iOS, even Mac, and Linux

This is where you might go: But Mac and Linux aren’t for gaming! Well, now it is. Stadia is kind of cool like that.

Check out these articles:

Fact 3: Google Stadia requires a mere 10Mbps internet connection to function

Yes. That’s like connection speeds ala 2004. It even works over cellular data connections, be careful with your data usage caps though. Streaming video games (in realtime) enjoys using large amounts of data to transfer images and sound to you.

It’s preferable that you use a wired connection and play through Chromecast Ultra on a fancy TV, but it’s not required. Just the best experience. Stadia even works on smart refrigerators and car dashboard displays, so there’s that.

Don’t believe me? Read more over here Bandwidth, data usage, and stream quality - Stadia Help


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