12 Days of Pros-mas - Day 5: Sundered: Eldritch Edition

Ho ho ho, welcome back to the Stadia Life Christmas Cabin! What do you want for Christmas this year? Have you been naughty, or have you been nice? I’ll pass this information up to the big guy.

Today is day 5 of 12 Days of Pros-mas. I don’t have anything nearly as valuable as 5 golden rings and an assortment of birds like the song, but I do have another pro game ready to show you.

Sundered: Eldritch Edition

Sundered: Eldritch Edition is another game developed and published by Thunder Lotus games, but this time it is a Metroidvania game, unlike Jotun. It is inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft, so you know some weird stuff is about to come up.

One similarity that it shares to Jotun though is the lack of 4k, which again is odd as while the game does have a very beautiful art style, it still doesn’t seem that technically demanding, so I’m not sure what the reason for this is. It does run a very fluid 60fps though, which I think is very important in a game like this, and it performs perfectly well on Stadia.

To start with, you are walking through a sandstorm in a desert, with no explanation as to who you are, why you’re here, or why you didn’t think to maybe wait until the sandstorm had ended rather than traveling through a hostile environment with extremely limited visibility on top of a Metroidvania map. As you’d clearly expect, the hero of the game gets pulled into the ground by tentacles, and that’s where the game begins.


You start in a jungle cave, which is an interesting thing to have underneath a desert. At this point the game teaches you the basic movement controls such as running, jumping, wall jumping and dodging, and the movement in this game feels excellent. It was a pleasure just to traverse the map. Soon you are greeted by an odd red object which becomes your weapon for the game, and are invited to explore deeper into the jungle cave.

The first enemies I encountered are odd bug-like creatures that charge at you. They can be defeated rather easily, but get annoying in large groups which they are often found in. In fact, I often found in this game that they throw a lot more enemies at you at once than I’m used to in a Metroidvania game, however your weapon has quite a large swing radius so you can often catch multiple enemies in the same combo, which makes it feel pretty balanced.


As I traveled further through the rooms of this cave, I eventually found a large statue that was offering me a power-up that gave me a rechargeable shield. I would later come to find that these statues are statues of the Valkyria, a group of humans who came into the cave who my new weapon companion didn’t like very much.

As I traveled further I eventually entered a Valkyria base, but the power had gone out so I had to find a generator. When it was activated, defences in the base started activating, making traversal a bit more dangerous. At this point, I explored a bit further than I perhaps was meant to, entering a new world with odd slime enemies that killed me easily. When I died I was taken back to the beginning and was introduced to the massive skill tree the game gives you where I could spend all the points I had got from killing enemies.

After I had upgraded a bit, I decided to explore a bit further into the first area where there were still many undiscovered rooms, when eventually I found my first miniboss, which was a giant corrupted eye.

I managed to kill the boss fairly easily, though it did get fairly close at the end when I was running low on health and it summoned a lot of minions, Still I triumphed, after which I could access a new statue which gave me access to double jump, allowing me to reach new areas, and this is how I found another Valkyria base.

This new base had the same enemies as the old base, except with more health and a minor reskin. I had a bit of trouble with these enemies but still managed to get through the base to find another generator, which fully restored power to the whole area and allowed access to new passages. At this point I was ready to test my skill at the next world again, having upgraded quite a bit since the last time I went in. The enemies were much easier this time, though when I was entering the world I got a mysterious loading screen tip “Beware the gong”. You can’t tell me what to do, loading screen!


As I worked my way through this world, I found this gong.

So, as anyone would, I hit it.

I quickly came to regret my decision when I was promptly killed by a group of tough flying enemies.

Sundered is a fantastic Metroidvania from what I’ve played, and as this is a genre I have found myself enjoying a lot in the past you can count on me coming back. The movement and combat are just plain old fun to use, and there is a lot of progression as you go on. So far, it’s probably my favourite game I’ve played in this series, so obviously it’s going on the nice list.


  • Monster Jam Steel Titans
  • Jotun: Valhalla Edition
  • Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
  • Kine
  • Sundered: Eldritch Edition


So, that’s the end of day 5. 8 more sleeps stand between us and the big day. Well, I say that, but I won’t be sleeping. The masters require me to work day and night on all the jobs they don’t want to do, but they feed me once a day most of the time so it’s all worth it! In the meantime, stay safe, and come back tomorrow for day 6!


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