12 Days of Pros-mas - Day 4: Kine

Well well well, look who’s come back. Welcome back to the Stadia Life Christmas Cabin! I spent several hours today using my expert art skills to make you a Christmas card. I hope you like it.

This is day 4 of 12 Days of Pros-mas! That’s right, as well as making that incredible card I also had the time to play another pro game I had previously not played before. So, now I’ve waffled on a bit with an intro, let’s get on with my impressions!


Kine is a musical puzzle game developed and published by Chump Squad, and those who have been with Stadia from the beginning may remember that it was one of the first games to come to the platform. It only came to pro relatively recently though, and by then I had built up a backlog so just skipped over it until now.

Kine runs at 4k 60 fps on Stadia and has a fairly distinct and beautiful art style.

As I entered the game I was introduced to my first character, a piano called Roo. At this stage, there was no real challenge as no mechanics had really been introduced, but what already struck me was the enjoyable music and the humour of the game, which was all rather endearing. For a few levels, I was just rolling along as this piano, until I was introduced to the next character who had a new mechanic, this drum.

This mechanic was the ability for the cymbal you can see extending from the side of the drum to swap to the other side. If this is done next to a wall you will be pushed, and if the cymbal is facing into the floor when you swap you will be pushed into the air, which will allow you to move a greater distance. This required a bit more thought than the piano, as you had to think about the positioning of the cymbal and which way your character is facing, but at this point it hadn’t become too hard yet.

In a few more levels, the next mechanic was shown, where there are two instruments that you have to switch between to complete the puzzle. The dynamic between these characters is quite funny too and just adds to the game’s charming nature.

After completing this the piano upgraded to be an accordion, which complicated things further. Now it had 2 different states to switch between covering a total of three sides of the instrument.

First though, before continuing the main quest, there was a side quest to do playing as the drum. Side quests don’t really benefit you in the main quest, rather just being extra optional puzzles to complete which are worth doing anyway because it gives you more dialogue from the drum.

Then I continued with the main quest, and this is where things got a lot more difficult. The new accordion is often tricky to see where you’ll be pushed, and in the levels it was now becoming possible to get stuck so you’d have to restart the level, which did get somewhat frustrating to begin with. I did enjoy these levels but they did take me an embarrassingly long time to complete them. In the end though I did end up getting both the characters I had met so far to the main stage, the ultimate objective of these levels.

Overall though, there is one word I would use for Kine that I used earlier in this review, and that’s charming. The art style, the characters, the music, all of it is just charming and a pleasure to play through. For this reason, this game is joining the nice list.


-Monster Jam Steel Titans

-Jotun:Valhalla Edition

-Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris


So, that’s the end of day 4. There have been some pretty good games in the series so far! I can’t wait to play more of them. Tomorrow I will return here with the next pro game in the series for you. See you then!


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