12 Days of Pros-mas - Day 12: Cthulhu Saves Christmas

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas Eve! Cheer levels are nearly at maximum levels and the last door on my advent calendar has been opened, which means the big day is just tomorrow.

It is also day 12 of 12 Days of Pros-mas! Don’t get too emotional on me, after all, there’s one more pro game left before the end. This time it truly fits the season too, unlike the rest of the pro games.

Cthulhu Saves Christmas

Cthulhu Saves Christmas is a JRPG developed and published by Zeboyd Digital Entertainment. It is also one of the best concepts for a game I’ve ever heard, and I was very excited when it was released as a pro game on Tuesday, otherwise, today would have been Rock of Ages which isn’t as fitting for the season.

Cthulhu Saves Christmas runs at 1080p on Stadia and doesn’t have HDR, but does have quite a nostalgic art style if you’ve ever played older JRPGs. It also runs at 60fps so everything is very smooth.

The game starts with Cthulhu, the Lovecraftian cosmic entity that drives people insane as they see him, waking up to a Christmas gift. This gift takes away Cthulhu’s powers, and because of this, he vows to kill Santa, after which he immediately breaks the fourth wall by talking to the narrator who was reminding Cthulhu that this is a family friendly game.

So, I went onward to go into my first battle.

The battle plays similarly to a lot of older JRPGs you’ll see in that it’s turn-based. The images on the right of the screen show the order in which each entity on the screen attacks, top left shows the player’s health and hype, and also you have different skills to attack with and items to use. 

After beating these easy enemies, I was given my first companion, Crystal, who was related to Santa. She told Cthulhu that Santa was kidnapped by the League of Christmas Evil who want to take over Christmas and delivered anti-presents, which gives a person the opposite of what they want.

With this new knowledge, I continued through the area, having a few battles on the way. At this time I got a new sword for Cthulu which introduced me to the equipment system. After this, I met the first Boss of the game, Jack Frost.

This boss was fairly easy being a tutorial boss, and I was told to fight the other members of the League of Christmas Evil. First though I went into town, which is where you go between encounters.

On the next day, Christmas Eve the 2nd, I was invited to go into different areas of the town to acquire new gear.

The first place I ended up visiting was the soup kitchen, where Cthulhu took advantage of the free soup and soon acquired a new piece of gear for Crystal which increased her health.

After a few days of these activities, on Christmas Eve the 6th, I was introduced to my next companion Baba, who has a chicken on her head and chicken powers. She also guided us to where the next League of Christmas Evil member is. It turned out this member was 12 members, the Yule Boys, and they were in Santa’s Workshop.

This area was a lot bigger than the last area, thus having a lot more battles. One of these battles gave me my first death, but fortunately, party members are revived straight after a fight to full health.

One odd thing is that enemies seemed to target Baba more than my other party members. I’m not sure if she was just getting unlucky or there is something about her that makes enemies target her, but she was dying quite often because of this.

Eventually though I reached the Yule Boys, where a joke was made that there is an engine limit so only four of them and their cat could fight me.

This fight was a bit tough, and I faced my first defeat here. The good news is that if you’re defeated you can just restart the fight straight away with no penalty, and the second time I was more tactical and beat them all

Then I went back to town and did some more activities for rewards. One such activity was getting Cthulhu to work at the post office, the reward for which was a bomb. I didn’t like where this was going. Turns out though that the bomb was just found in a bin. 

I was then introduced to my fourth and final party member, Belsnickel. Apparently, this is a reference to a TV Show, but I don’t know what it’s referring to. Anyway, he told me to go to the land of sweets for the next boss, the Mouse King.

I went into this area and traveled through it, facing many fights again until I came face to face with the Mouse King, who had made a mech.

I beat this mech fairly easily and was taken back to town, where I decided to end this first impression.

Overall I was incredibly happy with this game. The humour was great and made me laugh out loud several times, the gameplay was fun, the visuals were nostalgic and looked rather pretty. It’s perhaps the perfect game to end this series on, so Cthulhu Saves Christmas will be the final game on the nice list.


-Monster Jam Steel Titans

-Jotun: Valhalla Edition

-Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris


-Sundered: Eldritch Edition

-Submerged: Hidden Depths

-Into The Breach

-The Gardens Between

-Hello Neighbor


-Cthulhu Saves Christmas


-Steamworld Heist

Well, this has been quite the 12 days, hasn’t it? There has been a lot of fantastic games here that otherwise I may not have played, and now I have found some that I want to pursue further. I’m glad that I’ll finally be able to leave the Stadia Life Christmas Cabin and see my family. Thank you to everyone who read any articles in this series. If you celebrate it, have a very merry Christmas, and if you don’t happy Friday tomorrow!


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