12 Days of Pros-mas - Day 10: Hello Neighbor

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals! At least, that’s what I’ll be saying in 3 days’ time. For now though, welcome back to The Stadia Life Christmas Cabin.

Today is day 10 of 12 days of Christmas, officially into double figures. Days have started getting longer after the shortest day yesterday, but it’s still cold outside so let’s stay inside and play some video games.

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a greeting I regularly give to the person next door to me. It is also a stealth horror game developed and published by TinyBuild games, which was successful enough to produce a surprising number of spinoffs and a sequel, including a spinoff that’ll be coming to Stadia as a timed exclusive, Hello Engineer. But before all that, we’ll visit where it all started.

Hello Neighbor runs as 1080p on Stadia, a bit disappointing but it’s got a decent enough art style. It is 60fps though so plays very smoothly.

To start with, in the game you are introduced to the character you will be playing as throughout this adventure, a child chasing a ball down a hill.

When the ball is found, you can see the neighbor, the antagonist of the game, being very frantic and suspicious in his house through the window and sneak up to the window. The neighbor sees this and bursts through the window, grabbing you and starting the game where you get up in front of the house. Your mission is to investigate what the neighbor is up to.

So, I wandered around the house figuring out how to get in. It turns out I could have gone in through the front door if I wanted, but I hadn’t figured out how to interact with objects yet as the control scheme is a bit odd for this game. Eventually though I found my way in: an open window at the back of the house. Before I could get to this though the neighbor came round the corner and grabbed me, causing me to wake back up in front of the house again.

Knowing this new way in, I went in through the window when I knew the neighbor wasn’t around.

Inside was a bedroom with nothing too special that I could see. So I went out into the hallway after finally figuring out how to open doors and discovered a cupboard I could hide in, something I kept in mind for later.

So I went down the hallway, bumping into the neighbor and getting sent outside the house yet again. What I noticed this time though was that the front door was wide open. This stupid neighbor just couldn’t keep up with my tenacity and 1000IQ brain, so I walked in, and immediately the neighbor noticed me. I took a brisk walk down the corridor and hid in that cupboard as the neighbor stomped nearby, taking note that the closer the neighbor is, the screen gets shakier and darker.

It was at this point I discovered the ability to sprint, which surprisingly turned out to make more noise and attract the neighbor who caught me again. This time though, I wasn’t simply taken back outside the house, but rather woke up in a very tall hallway.

These segments seem to be the method of telling the story. As I went down the hallway and looked through the window I found a tragic car crash scene with the neighbor pulling someone from the wreckage and realised there was a lot more to the story than I originally thought, thinking the neighbor had killed his family.

I was then taken back outside the house and could continue with my trespassing. For a while I was trying to figure out what I had to do, sneaking through the rooms, opening empty drawers and cupboards, and constantly getting caught by the neighbor. The neighbor smashed through windows multiple times, and I had to admire how quickly he got them fixed. To try and speed things along I looked up a guide (I know, cheating!) and discovered I was actually meant to get onto the roof by stacking boxes.

So, I got to the roof and smashed through one of the windows with a stool I had brought up with me. The neighbor seemingly couldn’t get up here so I could make as much noise as I wanted. In the room was a lever to control a platform I had seen on one side of the house, and a painting which I could remove to get into the next room.

This is where I eventually ended up stopping though due to needing to do a physics puzzle, and the physics in this game can be a bit temperamental at times, or perhaps I was just a bit rubbish at figuring them out.

Apart from failing at physics puzzles, I did enjoy my time there, proving to m3t4lw01f who runs the Twitter that I can enjoy a game despite not being good at it, and he still owes me a fight. Meet you in the park at 9pm tonight where we’ll sort this out once and for all. 

The visuals were nice to look at, the stealth seemed fair and it was always my fault when something went wrong. The neighbor is also pretty terrifying too, I often found my heart racing while I hid in a cupboard and he was stomping by. That’s why this game is going on the nice list.


-Monster Jam Steel Titans

-Jotun: Valhalla Edition

-Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris


-Sundered: Eldritch Edition

-Submerged: Hidden Depths

-Into The Breach

-The Gardens Between

-Hello Neighbor


-Steamworld Heist

And so, that concludes day 10. That means there are only 2 pro games left in the series. Any guesses what those might be? I’ll give you a hint, one of them was just added to the list today. I’ll get playing them after I have spotlessly cleaned the Cabin, made my masters dinners, wrapped their presents, shoveled snow… well, you don’t need to know everything on my timetable. I’ll be seeing you tomorrow!


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