10 things you might believe people think about Google Stadia

John Stadia… Why does that name sound so made up? Context: Jason Schreier on Twitter: "@thestadialife It was John Stadia"

Because you own your games everywhere else. Keep telling yourself that, Kyl.

That’s not a theory. Phil worked on PlayStation, PlayStation is very not failed. Phil worked on Xbox, Xbox is very not failed. Phil worked on Atari, Atari is Atari. Read more about Phil (Harrison) here Phil Harrison - Wikipedia

I don’t think anyone will shoot Stadia. Actually, some people might, there’s a lot of hate going around. It might shut down by December 2023. We don’t know, that’s the delicious part of being a consumer. Ignorant bliss! I’d also like some good references on Google shutting down projects faster than anyone. That’s a bold take.

Yeah because getting an exclusivity deal with Google Stadia is a death sentence. More like money in the pocket. You’re on another level there, Kevin. 👍

Too bad it’s a real thing. 🤣 Here’s a white-paper, go read How Peering POPs Make Negative Latency Possible

How about no? One game with a couple of bugs is not a reason to not use Stadia. If that was a reason to not use a gaming platform, no one would play video games on any device, ever.

You heard them, pack it up! Stadia is dead. A free month of access to a bunch of games on Stadia, that runs on more or less any kind of hardware, is too good to pass up.

Yeeeeeeah… That’s the shame, Matthew. Stadia is free, go buy the game and play it instead of crying about exclusives. I bet you fuss whenever something is exclusive on PlayStation too? No? Thought so.

Rationale: a set of reasons or a logical basis for a course of action or belief. "he explained the rationale behind the change". That take doesn’t seem rational to me. Promises to deliver what, exactly? 

And for some added sprinkle on your cake, as if these tweets weren’t hilariously bad enough. If you ever want to see prime examples of some of the dumbest takes on Google Stadia, take a gander over to this part of the internet. 

Hot takes and clickbait central: Stadia Truth - Reddit


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