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Written by: SirLANcelot

Written by: SirLANcelot

​We’re nearing the end of Season 3 in The Division 2, and as some of you may know, this means we’ll soon be entering Season 4.
New season means new season levelling and more endless grinding..
In this guide I will be explaining how you can level up somewhat faster (not less painful though).

As some of you may know, every season we get a season pass (free or paid) and this includes a lot of cool stuff.
Unfortunately this is super grindy and not really enjoyable sometimes, except there is a pretty nice way to level up much faster.
In fact, with this method you can become season level 100 within 2 days (with grind)

I’ll be giving some short tips and I’ll go deeper into 1 of them.
First of all, complete the manhunt, the first 30 levels are significantly faster when doing the manhunt, it has a major XP boost.
This just means, doing the missions, control points, bounties and final target.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll notice that you still have a lot of levels to go, and need to wait a few weeks for the next target.
This is where the XP farm begins.

You want to make sure you have some kind of Armor + Pistol build.
Nothing too specific, just put a lot of Armor on your gear pieces, maybe wear “Tardigrade” (exotic chest piece) and preferably the pistol “Liberty” (exotic pistol)
After you’ve set that up, you want to set your global difficulty at Challenging and turn on ALL directives, this will give you a 125% XP boost.
This might sound super difficult, but with a decent amount of armor (around 1.6 million) and the liberty, you’ll get there no problem.

Once you’ve set all these things up, you want to reset your control points, and look for resource convoys, they give you about 600k-700k XP per resource convoy and they only take about 3-4 minutes each.

If you’re lucky, they spawn near eachother, together with territory controls, elite patrols, etc.
If that happens, finish those as well.
1. look for resource convoy (or elite patrol, elite resource convoys or warhound convoys if not available)
2. go there and complete convoy
3. if there are any other events on the same location (except control points) finish those as well.
And then just keep repeating steps 1-3.

This is super grindy, so if you don’t like extremely repetitive methods, this might not be for you.
But to give a general idea of how good this works, I went from level 39 to 90 in about 3 hours.
Please note, I did this non-stop throughout the 3 hours.

Anyways, I hope this guide is useful and will help you finish that season levelling before the second target even arrived.
In my opinion, its a much more relaxed feeling knowing you have finished that grind.

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