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Super Bomberman R Online

Written by: Fai

Written by: Fai

Yikes, look at this kid

So you’re a Stadia pro subscriber and you notice the flashy headline of “64 player battle royale” in regards to Super Bomberman R Online and since you’re deprived of your precious Call of Duty and Fortnite on Stadia, your instincts tell you to take the plunge, the only problem is, you’re bad at this game, and I’m not talking a little bad I’m talking you placed 64/64 in your first game and unironically earned an achievement from it.

You need help, and it’s your lucky day because we’re here to give it.

Suit up bomber

As you’ve already figured out Super Bomberman R Online is a 64 player battle royale. With limited game modes on launch, the only game available to you with public matchmaking is quick play, which is the 64 player mode. There are different game modes and options if you create a private match but you can’t see lobbies without a room pin which is visible to the host of the match.

Which character is best??!

Calm down champ they all have their strengths and weaknesses. There isn’t a definite character that trumps all the others, you’ll find subjective opinions about certain ones people favor however, but we’ll let you experiment with which one suits your playstyle. The top 8 are basic characters with no special abilities but all have pretty high maximums when it comes to upgrades. Every other character has a unique ability and rather low maximums to accommodate the extra advantage.

How do I increase my base stats?

Throughout the match you’ll find 3 seperate icons (shown below) that allow you to raise your 3 base stats. Keep in mind that you can’t raise them above your characters maximum as indicated when choosing the character. Also a good indicator that you’ve reached the maximum during a match is when the number turns orange on the bottom of the screen next to each stat.

Stat boost Description
+1 to your bomb carry skill
+1 to your movement skill
+1 to your explosion range skill

What are the powerups and how do I use them???

Once again, calm down! We’ll figure this out cowboy, just sit down and grab some popcorn.

Okay so there’s 5 powerups available, which are:

Powerup Description
Pick up and throw your own bombs. When you place a bomb, press the same button again to throw it. (Don’t move)
Punch bombs 2 spots forward. Press X when standing in front of a bomb.
Explosions go through bricks so don’t be standing behind one! This will be used automatically.
Bombs jump and slide around when tossed or kicked. Throw them over the edge of the arena for some chaos.
Kick bombs on contact. Just run straight into it.

Special Abilities

Every character besides the original 8 has a special ability that you can activate by pressing A. Keep in mind that it has a short cooldown. You’ll see a timer above your head, letting you know when you can use it again. Familiarize yourself with all the different abilities, some really save you in a pinch.

Pro tips

  • On occasion you’ll find this egg looking thing. Getting this will let you ride Louie, Pressing B will let you dash across the arena but keep in mind you’ll lose the ability to punch/throw bombs while you’re riding it.
  • You’re granted 2 lives per game. HOWEVER, if you manage to end someone’s whole career they will drop an extra life in the shape of a heart. Grab this to refill a lost life. You’re still capped at 2 however, grabbing this will not give you 3 lives (you wish).
  • Bots are in the game if you were curious. A good indicator is where you’re placed when the match starts. If you’re placed on the top left, there’s a very good chance every other player in your arena is a bot. There may be other real players elsewhere in the match, but not in the area you started on. “_” or “.” are a good indicator that it’s a fake player as those can’t be used in a Stadia name.

Super Pro tips

  • As tempting as it is to quench the bloodthirst in your soul, your main objective needs to be staying alive. Focus on maxing out your bomb range, # of bombs you can carry, and speed, as well as a few powerups as the match progresses. If you’re having trouble finding items, pay attention to the bricks between matches. The ones with stars contain items and the arenas that have a star over them have even more items. However, with more items comes more opponents. If you’re good to go with your stats and powerups, avoid these rooms.
  • If you’re feeling extra spicy, you can try throwing a bomb and having it land on your opponent, if you manage to bonk someone, they will lose a stat boost or powerup and it’ll land next to them, leaving room for someone to swoop in and grab it, or a bomb to incinerate it
  • Everyone starts out at a bronze rank and if you’re interested in progressing up the ranks you need to finish as close to 1st as possible. The higher you finish the more points you’re awarded, and if you have a really bad match, points are actually taken away. It’s a harsh system that is a true reflection of how well you play. If you see someone at a high rank (you’ll notice the icon next to their name), I would highly suggest switching rooms unless you feel confident.


Awesome guide. Now to get good Internet so I can use these tips to win.

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