So you think you can (Out) cast?


Written by: cim the Giant Enemy Crab

Written by: cim the Giant Enemy Crab

Outcasters, my new favourite game by a long shot (huehu) by Splash Damage is currently extremely popular on both the platform and otherwise. When I saw this guide posted by Redditor u/J-MRP over on r/Stadia - I simply had to ask them for permission to cross post it as a guide over here. Whaddaya know, I got permission, kudos! 

So without further ado, let me (on behalf of J-MRP) present this great little guide on how to get gooder (This is a word!) in Outcasters.

Shooting (or.. casting?)

This is probably the trickiest part of Outcasters.

  • Be deliberate and line up your shots as best you can before firing.
  • As you shoot, have your right-stick pushed all the way towards your target, and slide the stick up around against the edge to follow the target as it moves. This will make it easier to make small adjustments and create a smooth curve to follow your targets as they run away to their mommies.
  • Once you start turning the shot right/left, you can’t go back in the opposite direction afterward. If they’re against the wall on the right side of the map, for instance, aim to the left of them and then curve it to the right so you have room to aim the shot in the air and push them up against the wall.
  • If you are in a shootout with someone around a corner. You can also make sharp right angles by shooting with the right-stick in the neutral position, and once the shot is at the edge of the corner, shove the right-stick in the direction of the target and hold it against the edge to lead the shot towards your victim.
  • Try to keep moving as you shoot. Don’t stand still for too long, and try to be aware of where incoming projectiles are so you can dodge them.
  • Keep your distance, but if they get too close, run tight circles around them while holding/circling the right-stick against its edge towards your opponent and spam that R2 button. If another enemy shows up while you’re circling the poor guy or girl, make an exit - move away from both of them immediately. If you get lucky, they will group up close together and now you have a bigger target to hit as you run away.

Game Mode Tips

Last Caster Standing

  • Keep your distance at the beginning. Try not to stick around a large group of people. Get some distance between you and them, and find a nice shooting position to shoot into the crowd.
  • Once the timer runs out and the circle starts getting smaller, make sure you have a good route to the center and don’t get caught in the storm.
  • Get power-ups as soon as you can, since they don’t re-appear once taken AFAIK

Gold Rush

This is where the Sprint ability shines.

  • Gather all the coins you can, and once the bank shows up, you’ll see an indicator on the screen showing where it is. Sprint in that direction and lay claim to the bank ASAP. If the other team is already there and you have a lot of coins on hand, hang back and get into a shooting position and shoot into the crowd.
  • If you don’t have any coins but your teammates do, run into the bank to make sure they can’t deposit any and run tight circles around them like I mentioned above. Sometimes you gotta take one for the team, and you might even clear out the bank and become a HERO.

Team Battle

  • Get power-ups as soon as you can to gain the edge in gunfights.
  • Take your time with engaging enemies. Try to be tactful about where you get into gunfights and use the map to your advantage.
  • Stay in a group, but don’t bunch up too closely to each other.


  • Power-ups stack - Grab multiples of the same powerup for a stronger effect, or mix them up and benefit from up to 3 different effects. So if you get 3 Bounce power-ups, for example, your shot will bounce three times off walls before fizzling out.
  • Use the bouncies, y’all. My favorite is getting 3 bounce power-ups and seeking out victims hiding in tight places for some bouncy fun.
  • 2 Bounce and one Split is a good combo to have too, but you might like a different combination once you learn how to take advantage of each of them.
  • Learn to switch out your power-ups. If you have your 3 power-ups already but want to pick up another one, you’ll need to switch out one of your current power-ups. You can do this by hitting the R1 button while standing on top of the power-up you want to pick up, and it will switch out your current power-up on the left (the oldest one).
  • If you want to switch out your middle power-up, you’ll need to walk over the power-up you want to pick up and hit the R1 button twice. This should make you drop the middle one for the new one faster than you can scream “ice cream.”

Source: So you want to get good at Outcasters. Here's some tips that might help by u/J-MRP


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