How to Activate Hard Mode

West of Loathing

Written by: inconsiderate

Written by: inconsiderate

Want to finish the game on hard mode, but don't know how to turn it on? Read on!

First thing, why would you want to turn it on? Maybe you just hate yourself and want to be punished. Or maybe you want achievements. There are two achievements related to using Hard Mode:

  • The Really Hard Way - Finish the game with the in a single game day
  • The Hard Way - Finish the game with the Hard Hat

There's no menu item to turn on Hard Mode in the game, and there's no guide in-game that tells you how to do. You either have to stumble upon it, or... follow this guide! To turn on Hard Mode, you need to find and put on the Hard Hat. Here's where you get it.

Step 1: The Hard Hat can be found in the Intro area of Boring Springs. If you've beat the game before, do not skip the intro!

Step 2: Prompt Crazy Pete to tell you about the treasure in the mine.

Pete will tell you where the Hard Hat is after you've sold two items to him. There are three items you can sell to him.

  • Shiny Rock - Found in Thousand Snakes Gulch
  • Unrefined Meat Nugget - Found in Orehole Mine in the mine cart to the left of the elevator.
  • Silver Nugget - Found in Orehole Mine in the room past the TNT by digging the patch of dirt with a shovel

Step 3: Go back to the Orehole Mine, and the elevator will now have an option of Floor 40. Go down, and grab the hat!

Want some help figuring out how to beat the game on Hard Mode in one day, for the Really Hard Way achievement? We got you covered!


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