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Written by: Nomnomburger

Written by: Nomnomburger

You’ve just picked up your flashy new game, Farming Simulator 19. The world of tractors and farms intrigues you, and you want to become a virtual farmer! You fire up the game on Stadia and create a new game in New Farmer mode in the map of Felsbrunn (the mode and map are what this guide is based on). But now, you think to yourself, what to do next. Well, I put together this handy guide just for that! This guide covers: harvesting, cultivating, seeding, earning money, and getting contracts.

What you get on Felsbrunn New Farmer Mode

  • Fields 19 and 20
  • Fendt Favorit 511C (Tractor)
  • Fendt Favorit 511C (Tractor)
  • Fiat 1300 DT (Tractor)
  • New Holland TX 32 (Harvester)
  • New Holland TX 32’s Header (Harvester Header)
  • Fortschwitt HW 80 (Trailer)
  • AGCO 650 (Weight)
  • AGCO 650 (Weight)
  • Amazone D8-30 (Seeder)
  • RAU Polymag 300 (Cultivator)
  • Large Grain Silo
  • Farmhouse
  • Decoration Objects
  • $100,000 in game money

Harvesting your first field

Harvesting a field and then selling the crops can help you earn money for your farm. Follow these simple steps to have a successful harvest!

  1. Attach the header for the harvester onto the harvester
  2. Lift the header when not in use
  3. Unfold the harvester after you drive over to the field.
  4. You can check if one of your fields is ready to harvest by opening the map (esc or menu button) and switching the map type to crop growth
  5. When ready to harvest, line up your harvester facing the short side of the field, as this will save you time from turning the harvester. Start at one of the corners of the short side.
  6. Lower your header and turn on your harvester, and away you go!
  7. Try to drive straight while harvesting, it just makes everything neater!
  8. When the grain tank fills up, extend the grain pipe, and fetch your other tractor with the trailer attached.
  9. Open the cover of the trailer. The cover is a blue cloth that goes over the trailer. You can open/close it while sitting in the attached tractor
  10. Line up your trailer under the harvester’s grain pipe, and the grain will automatically dispense out
  11. When you’re finished harvesting the field, empty the harvester once again into your tractor trailer
  12. Park your harvester somewhere safe and lower the header.

Now, you know how to harvest a field!

Selling Crops

You may think this is pretty simple, but there’s some more steps to it if you want to get the most cash out of each grain deposit. Follow these steps to get richer, faster!

  1. Check the market. The market is a section in a menu that shows how much each type of crop sells for at each sell point.
  2. Find the sell point with the highest point
  3. Attach your fastest tractor (Fendt Favorit in our case) to the grain trailer
  4. On the map, highlight the sell point. This will enable a beacon so that you know where to drive
  5. Follow the roads and drive to the sell point
  6. At the sell point, grain is usually deposited through a grain pit in the ground. These usually have metal grates over them and are slightly protruding from the ground around it. Don’t worry, it’ll be easy to find!
  7. Drive onto the grain grate and position your grain trailer on top of it.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to start depositing crops
  9. Earn that cash you worked hard for!


You’ve just harvested a field, but what now? The ground is all filled with leftover grain and stems, and it isn’t suitable for replanting. Well, now we need to cultivate the field. To do this, we need something called a cultivator. You’ll be using the RAU Polymag 300 cultivator on this new farm. A cultivator looks like an attachment that has many discs and plough like features. Here are some steps/tips to get cultivating!

  1. Lift the cultivator when not in use. This will prevent it from dragging into the ground
  2. Start facing the corner of the short end of the field. This will lessen the amount of times you need to do a 180-degree turn, making your session more productive!
  3. When you’re ready to cultivate, lower the cultivator, and drive!
  4. Don’t worry, you won’t break the perimeter of the field when you keep cultivating on grass.
  5. Make sure to lower the cultivator before you drag it onto the field, to ensure the edges are cultivated as well! Places that are not cultivated cannot grow crops, making the amount for the next harvest decrease.
  6. Try to drive in a straight line, so you don’t miss any spots
  7. You can use cruise control on your tractor to maintain a steady speed. This is activated by pressing 3 on your keyboard or holding down the right and left bumper and pressing B on your controller.


After you have finished cultivating, it’s time to replant! This process is completed with a seeder. The seeder you start with is the Amazone D8-30. If it’s not filled with seed, buy some seeds with big bags from the store. If it’s already filled up, you’re good to go! Here are some steps to get the most out of your seeding session.

  1. Lift the seeder when not in use. This will prevent it from dragging on the ground
  2. Start facing the corner of the short end of the field. This will lessen the amount of times you need to do a 180-degree turn, making your session more productive!

  3. When you’re ready to plant, lower the seeder, and drive!
  4. Don’t worry, you won’t break the perimeter of the field when you keep planting on grass. I do recommend you lift the seeder when on the grass, as it makes your tractor drive faster and maneuver better.
  5. Plant in a straight line, so you won’t miss any bit of the field.
  6. Each machine has it’s working speed, which limits how fast your tractor can drive. Turning off the machine gets rid of this limit, so make sure to lift and turn off the seeder when you are done!

Getting Contracts

Contracts is a feature in Farming Simulator 19 which allows you to work for other people. (These people are not real people!) At the end of each job, you get paid! You can find available contracts in the menu, under the contracts tab. Getting a contract is the perfect pastime when you’re waiting for your field to grow. When starting a contract, you must either use your own machinery, or borrow machinery. If you choose to use your own, just drive over to the field that the contract specifies. If you’ve chosen to borrow machinery, it is available to pick up instantly at the store. You can drive over to the store on your tractor, or quickly teleport there from the map. Take note that you must finish or cancel a contract before you can do anything else, so if you’re trying to work on your fields at the same time, this isn’t for you. Contracts come in a variety of sizes, and you are paid for each size, respectively. Overall, contracts are a fantastic way to earn money fast, as well as try new machinery and explore the map!

Congrats on starting your new farm!

Now that you know how to get started as a New Farmer in Felsbrunn Farm, start playing! Enjoy the laid-back farming life you’ve been looking for ;)

I hope this guide helped, and if you’ve got anything to say, drop a comment down below! Have any farmer friends? Share this guide with them as well!


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